How Can You Tell if You Are Suffering From a Repetitive Strain Injury?

You’ve worked in your current position for several years, but suddenly, you notice that you’re beginning to be a bit stiff and sore. Your pain never seems to go away, and it always tends to get aggravated at work. Is it an unrelated injury, or (while you would never admit it to yourself) is it the pain of getting a bit older? You may be shocked to learn that your pain could be the direct result of your job—and you may be eligible to file for workers’ compensation benefits.

These workplace injuries that creep in over time are known as repetitive strain injuries and they are caused by the stress of the same movement being performed over the long term. While a movement like typing may not seem inherently stressful or dangerous, our bodies are not made to withstand the same movements over and over again each day, which could lead to this painful condition.

What Are the Symptoms of a Repetitive Strain Injury?

When your pain cannot be linked to a specific incident or accident, it can be difficult to know just what happened. While repetitive strain injuries are widely varied, they often share common traits, such as:

  • Swelling, pain, or tenderness near joints
  • Cramping or stiff muscles
  • Tingling or burning sensation
  • Numbness

While several other injuries share these symptoms, a doctor should be able to show a clear link between your symptoms and your work. Remember, just as you would after a workplace accident ends in an injury, it is important to go through the proper channels of reporting your injury to your employer as soon as you realize that you are hurt.

Do you think that your injury is the result of repetitive strain at work? Contact Augusta workers’ compensation attorney Chris Hudson today to learn more, and brush up on your workers’ compensation knowledge by browsing through our online articles on this site.

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