Whether you’re on vacation or business, renting a car makes your trip easier and more convenient. For what often equates to the cost of a single cab ride, you get the keys to a practically new car for a day. Since the car looks like it has been well-maintained, you assume that it has been, and don’t give the safety of the vehicle another thought.

New language in a transportation funding bill has raised concerns, however, as it states that rental car companies can rent out vehicles that have unaddressed recalls. If passed, rental cars with recalls—such as Takata airbags—could be rented out to consumers, provided the customer was given a written notice of the car’s recall in advance.

Does This Mean You May Be Driving an Unsafe Rental Car?

This proposal certainly could put consumers at risk, but the primary concern is that prior notification would essentially mean that the renter is liable in the event of a recall-related incident that ends in physical or property damage. There is currently a bill proposed to block this from happening, but maelstrom caused by both bills points to no clear solution being agreed upon for some time.

As it stands today, most rental car companies do not rent out vehicles with recalls that have not been addressed. What you should be on the lookout for, however, is what happens if this bill should pass. Read your rental agreement thoroughly, and be sure that you are confident in the vehicle that you are driving out of the lot.

If you have been injured in a rental car accident, there are complex coverage issues that may require the help of a skilled car accident attorney. Augusta accident attorney Chris Hudson can help ensure that you receive the coverage and compensation you deserve. Schedule your free consultation today by calling his office or by filling out the short online contact form on this page.

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