If you are pregnant, you face the additional risks of complications in your pregnancy and dangers to your fetus if you are involved in a car accident. So you want to do everything you can to keep yourself and your unborn baby safe every time you get in a vehicle. One way to do this is to buckle up your seat belt and wear it properly.

Safety Recommendations for Correct Seat Belt Usage While Pregnant

Some pregnant women find wearing a seat belt uncomfortable—especially as their pregnancy progresses. Others may wonder if seat belt usage is safe during pregnancy. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends that pregnant women buckle up every time they get into a car, calling it the most effective way to protect the mother and unborn child. NHTSA also recommends that pregnant women follow these seat belt safety guidelines:

  • Pregnant woman buckling seat beltSeat belts. Your seat belt should be across your chest between your breasts and away from your neck while remaining on your shoulder. The lap portion of the belt should fit snugly across your hip and pelvic bone. You should never place the shoulder strap under your arm or behind your back or your lap belt over the top of your belly.
  • Seat adjustment. You should adjust your seat to a comfortable upright position while keeping as much distance as possible between your belly and your steering wheel. However, avoid reclining your seat too much to minimize the gap between your shoulder and the seat belt.
  • Air bags. Air bags do not replace your seat belt. You should continue to wear it at all times while you are in a vehicle. Do not disable your air bag. In combination with your seat belt, it gives you the most protection in a crash.

Even if you wear your seat belt correctly, you could be seriously injured if a negligent driver causes a crash. We understand the additional worries you may have for your unborn baby and are here to help. Order our free book, Everything You Need to Know About Car Accident Claims Under Georgia Law, and call us at 888-795-6261 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to learn about your legal options.

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