When you injured your back on the job, a few thoughts ran through your head. The first involved a few expletives about the amount of pain you were in, and the second touched on just how you’re going to work when you’re in said pain.

When you visited the doctor about your injury, she told you to take some time off of work to let your back heal. You, the hard worker you are, shrugged it off and planned on returning the next day. Unfortunately, you weren’t even able to move. Although you may think you’re as tough as a superhero, even the greats have to sit on the sidelines sometimes.

Professions More Likely to Cause a Back Injury

There’s a good chance you didn’t research which professions have the most incidences of back injury before you started your career. But if you did, kudos. Either way, you’re at the greatest risk to be injured if you have one of the following jobs:

Working Construction 

Those who work on construction sites typically spend their days tugging, pulling, and lifting, which can wreak havoc on their backs. Additionally, many work on ladders and high surfaces, which increases their chances of falling and hurting their backs.

Healthcare (Particularly Nursing)

Nurses and others in the healthcare industry typically spend lots of time on their feet. They also lift patients and crouch down to take care of them. These types of job requirements are typically hard on the back and cause many to require medical treatment for their pain.

Landscaping and Gardening

You may be envious that landscapers and gardeners are able to spend most of their time outdoors surrounded by nature, but that may switch to compassion after you read this: the American Chiropractor Association lists landscapers in its top-10 list of jobs that cause pain.

Have You Been Injured At Work? 

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