When it comes to your truck accident claim, you have enough doubt, worry, and uncertainty following the accident. Many lawyers advertise that they handle truck accident claims, but this is a very complicated field of law, and you need to hire the right attorney to battle the trucking company and their insurance company.

It Is Important to Have an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

Trucking accidents often result in serious, debilitating and permanent injuries for the obvious reason a tractor-trailer is much larger and heavier than passenger vehicles.  In fact, a fully loaded tractor trailer may weigh up to 80,000 pounds (40 tons), absent special permits allowing higher weights.  The average weight of a passenger vehicle is roughly 4,000 pounds.  Therefore, in an accident involving a car and a semi-truck, serious or deadly results often occur.  Such a serious accident requires the expertise of an attorney who has the knowledge, experience, and resources to properly handle a trucking accident claim.

Despite the fact that trucking accidents often result in very serious injuries, trucking claims litigation is a highly specialized field of practice for lawyers, and this author recommends hiring a qualified attorney immediately following an accident.  Other than the complexities involved with dealing with serious injury or death, there exists numerous other complications involving trucking accidents, including: the involvement of federal regulations governing tractor trailers; the potential for multiple defendants in trucking cases; the extensive documents and records companies who operate tractor trailers are required to keep; the need to examine the vehicle’s Electronic Control Module (the “ECM”), which electronically records data such as speed and brake system operation at the time of the accident; and the costs associated with properly making a claim arising from a trucking accident.

If you know of someone searching for a lawyer following an accident involving a semi truck, we encourage you to send him or her this article. It just might be the help he or she needs to get a fair settlement.

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Local Augusta lawyer specializing in mass tort workers' comp, car accident and personal injury claims.
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