An accident reconstruction expert is an individual who is qualified to issue an opinion as to the cause of a car accident and the events that led to it. These experts are often engineers, other individuals with a science background, or law enforcement officers who have specialized training. Hiring an expert may be helpful if the negligent driver’s insurance company is denying your claim or offering a low settlement.

When Might You Need an Accident Reconstruction Expert?

Not all car accident victims need to hire an accident reconstruction expert. Here are situations when they can be helpful:

  • There are serious disputes about who was at fault in causing the accident.
  • The victim cannot remember how the collision occurred.
  • The vehicles were totaled.
  • Few or no eyewitnesses saw how the accident happened.
  • A victim suffered long-term injuries or death, which can make the claim value higher. The insurance company may fight harder and delay longer before settling his claim.
  • Other important pieces of evidence are missing.

How an Accident Reconstruction Expert Can Help Your Case

An accident reconstruction expert would conduct a thorough investigation that can include visiting the accident scene, reviewing the police report, interviewing witnesses, inspecting damage to the vehicles, and viewing photos and video. Some of the conclusions he may be able to make include:

  • Vehicle speeds
  • Whether the brakes were applied
  • Force of impact
  • Whether seat belts were worn
  • Whether cruise control was used
  • Sequence of events leading up to the collision
  • Who was the negligent driver and why

An accident reconstruction expert would issue a report summarizing his conclusions that may convince the insurance company of their liability to compensate you. He may also create a computer-generated reenactment that he can use when explaining his findings in a jury trial.

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