Let’s face it: the odds of being in an accident while driving a rental car is probably higher than when you are driving your own vehicle. Most people in rental cars are driving in unfamiliar areas in a car that they are unfamiliar with, so from headlight controls to the brakes and steering, everything may feel a little off-kilter.

The first thing to remember is that, while you may not be responsible for causing the accident, you are responsible for properly documenting and reporting any incidents involving the rented vehicle to the company from which you rented it. Most auto rental companies have standardized accident reporting requirements, so it is imperative that you ensure you follow these to the letter.

Rental Car Wrecks: The Basics

Summer is peak travel season, so many people will be sitting behind the wheel of a rental vehicle in the coming weeks. The most important thing to remember—the absolute, most critical thing—is that a rental car accident is just the same as any other car accident. You will need to stay at the scene, inform your insurance, and inform local law enforcement. Following standard post-accident protocol will help you ensure that you have covered all your bases.

The primary difference between a rental car accident and an accident in your own vehicle is that insurance coverage is not always clear. Many major auto insurance companies offer coverage that covers you in a rental car, but some do not—this is something you should be aware of prior to renting a vehicle. If you are not covered, you should consider the coverage offered by the rental car company.

Drive Safely This Summer!

Car accidents can throw anyone’s life into disarray, but a rental car wreck can complicate things even further. Use caution when driving a strange car in a new place and, before you hit the road, make sure you are covered by some form of collision insurance! If you have more questions about your rental car accident, Augusta car accident attorney Chris Hudson can help—call now to schedule your free consultation!

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