Releasing your medical records to the insurance company after an accident can sometimes negatively affect your claim for compensation.Soon after your car wreck, the other driver’s insurance company could be contacting you to sign an authorization for your medical records. This may seem like a reasonable request to process your claim. However, like many decisions in your case, signing a medical authorization is not as easy as it sounds.

Reasons Not to Sign the Insurance Company’s Medical Release

While it is true that the insurance company will need your medical records for the injuries you suffered in this accident, you do not have to sign a medical release to provide these documents to the adjuster. You can simply have your attorney obtain and send them on your behalf. Reasons you do not want to sign a medical release include:

  • It provides total access. Medical releases prepared by insurance companies are blanket authorizations that give them access to your prior medical records as well as the ones for this wreck. They do not need your prior medical history, and it could give them ammunition to deny or reduce your claim.
  • It may reveal preexisting injuries. The medical authorization could allow the insurance adjuster to obtain your medical records regarding a former injury to the same part of your body that may have no bearing on your current injury. However, adjusters love to use this information to argue that your injury was caused by this earlier incident and not their driver’s negligent actions.
  • It is an invasion of your privacy. Your medical records contain private information about you that you may not want to disclose to the insurance adjuster or anyone else. You should protect your privacy by refusing to sign the insurance adjuster’s medical authorization.

You should never sign a medical authorization for release of information—or any other legal document—without first having an experienced car accident attorney review it to avoid making an inadvertent mistake or waiving your legal rights. However, if you already signed a medical release for the insurance company, you have not made a fatal mistake in your case. Call me today at 706-863-6600 or toll free at 888-795-6261 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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