After obtaining the medical care you need following a car accident, one of your first steps should be to retain an experienced car accident attorney to help you file your claim with the negligent driver’s insurance company. Once you do this, you can hopefully rest easy knowing that your lawyer will thoroughly investigate your crash, build your case against the at-fault driver, and fight hard to settle your claim for what you are entitled to. However, you will make your attorney’s job harder and possibly reduce the amount you receive in settlement if you do not help him in your case.

Ways You Can Help Your Attorney Strengthen Your Claim for Compensation Following a Car Wreck

When you retain a lawyer to file your claim for you, you become a team with the goal of holding the negligent driver accountable for paying you the full amount you deserve. Your actions in your case can help your attorney—or hurt your claim. Here are ways that you can be a good team member and strengthen your right to compensation:

  • Be truthful. Whatever you tell your attorney is protected by attorney-client privilege, which means that the negligent driver’s insurance company or anyone else will not find out about your conversations. Your attorney needs to hear the whole story about your accident and your injuries even if there are facts that could make you appear partially at fault in causing the crash or otherwise hurt your claim. He cannot effectively represent you if he does not know everything from you. When your attorney finds out potentially harmful information in the course of negotiations or litigation, this can make it difficult or impossible for him to negotiate a fair settlement for you.
  • Follow up on medical care. One of the best ways you can help your attorney is to follow your doctor’s advice as to your treatment, go to all doctor’s appointments, attend all physical therapy sessions, and otherwise do everything you can to get better. When you miss doctor and other health care provider appointments or have large periods of time with no treatments, you give the insurance adjuster ammunition to argue about how serious your injuries really are. In addition, this can irritate your doctor and make him a weaker expert witness on your behalf.
  • Only discuss your case with your lawyer. You only want to discuss your case with your attorney. If you discuss it with family and friends, the insurance adjuster may find out what you said and try to use your words against you to deny or reduce your claim.
  • Be careful of social media posts. While you may not be able to stay off your social media sites, you want to be careful not to post anything about the accident, your injuries, and treatments. Pictures and posts showing you at locations where you are too injured to be or doing activities you should not be able to do can hurt your claim too. You must realize that the adjuster for the negligent driver could search your social media sites at various times for posts that could weaken your claim and act accordingly.
  • Provide information on time. Whenever your attorney requests documents, contact information for witnesses, or other information from you, you want to provide it on a timely basis. The sooner you provide the requested information to him the quicker he can move your claim forward.
  • Ask questions. You need to understand what is going on in your case and what your legal options are. If you do not understand something, you should ask your attorney to explain it. This can foster good communication between you and your attorney, help you understand his strategy, and enable you to better assist him.

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