Many people are afraid that hiring an attorney will delay the processing of their insurance claim. However, in my experience, not hiring a lawyer immediately after an car accident will cause the opposite effect. To get your claim resolved faster and to make sure you are getting fairly compensated, I highly recommend you are hire an experienced injury lawyer to handle your claim.

Why Hiring an Attorney Will Likely Speed Up Your Claim

Claims adjusters often handle hundreds of files at once. Because of this volume, files are prioritized in several different ways. Numerous people have come to me in the past after attempting to represent themselves complaining that the insurance adjuster would not return their calls. I rarely have trouble getting an insurance company adjuster on the phone, and the reason is simple. The insurance company would like to avoid litigation and instead settle out of court. If the adjuster does not respond to me in a timely manner, I will file a lawsuit.

Also, for an adjuster to complete a thorough review of your claim and make an offer of settlement, he or she must have all of the necessary documentation to evaluate the claim. This information includes medical bills, medical records, lost wages statements, disability statements, photos of the vehicles, witness statements, the accident report, among other documents depending on the complexity of the claim. An experienced attorney will know exactly what the insurance company needs to evaluate the claim. Getting the necessary documents to the insurance adjuster in a timely manner helps get the claim evaluated promptly and fairly.

Finally, you might even cost yourself settlement dollars by not hiring an attorney. Studies suggest that insurance payouts are 3-4 times higher when the claimant is represented by an attorney. Again, this is because insurance companies typically want to save costs by settling out of court. An experienced trial lawyer will let the insurer know that unless a fair settlement is offered, he or she will file a lawsuit.

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