Lying down all day and not going to work sounds like a dream come true to many. But when you’re forced to be idle because you have a back injury that causes too much pain to move, it’s more like a nightmare.

You were recently treatd at University Hospital because you fell off of a ladder at work and injured your back. Returning to your job right now is impossible, which is stressing you out because you’re not sure how you’ll make ends meet.

Tips on Preventing On-the-Job Back Injuries

Getting “back in the game” is important after a back injury, but you may be able to prevent the inconvenience of an injury completely if you follow these tips:

Know your limits.

Slow down, Hercules. Before you attempt to pick up that 200 pound box of concrete and lift it onto a shelf above your head, take a moment to consider if this is the smartest—and safest—method in which to do so. Instead of potentially hurting yourself, perhaps asking for help or using a machine designed for this type of task is a better bet.


If your body is out of shape, chances are your back is also out of shape. Cardiovascular exercises can help to keep your weight down, which decreases the amount of stress that is put on your back. Additionally, weight training increases your strength, which can often prevent accidents.

Lift properly.

Back injuries are often the result of poor lifting habits. Avoid bending over to pick up heavy objects and bend at your knees instead. Doing so alleviates some of the pressure on your back, which could prevent disc, muscle, and ligament ailments.

Have You Been Injured At Work? 

If you've been injured on the job you need to speak with an experienced workers' compensation lawyer as soon as possible. Contact us online or call our Augusta office directly at 706.863.6600 to schedule your free consultation.

What to Do When You’ve Been Injured

The first move you should make when you’re injured on the job is to tell your employer and seek medical treatment. The second is to contact a workers’ compensation lawyer.


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