Seeing something horrific in a place that you considered safe can be very traumatic, especially when you are expected to continue working in the same environment. It is understandable that you would be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after an event like the one you witnessed and find it nearly impossible to go back to work.

It’s likely the condition you are describing is what the workers’ compensation system considers a mental-mental claim. This means that your mental condition is the result of a mental or psychological stimulus—in your case being traumatized by a horrific accident.

The Challenges in Pursuing PTSD Claims

The bad news is that you will be unable to pursue workers’ compensation benefits for a mental-mental injury in Georgia. If your PTSD has created physical issues, such as ulcers, migraines, or sleep disorders, you may be able to pursue a claim based on a mental-physical injury. This would help you recover damages for your physical symptoms, but may not cover therapies or treatment for the root cause.

Mental-physical cases can be very challenging to pursue, however. Your employer and the workers’ compensation investigator will likely examine your case closely to verify that your symptoms and PTSD are directly related to the workplace. If you suffered from pre-existing anxiety or depression issues, for instance, your case would become that much more difficult. Should you succeed in your claim, you will receive compensation for your lost wages as well as your medical expenses.

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