When you are injured in a workplace accident, it can feel as though your entire life has come crashing down around you. Not only have you lost your ability to work, either temporarily or permanently, but suddenly you are faced with huge piles of medical bills and paperwork that demand your attention and focus around the clock. You are already filled with anxiety and dread, when out of nowhere, your workers’ compensation claim is denied.

While this can be a devastating blow, it was most likely caused by one of two things: filing your paperwork past the deadline for doing so, or having missing or incorrect information on your claim forms. All is not always lost in these scenarios, fortunately, as most denials will offer you the option to appeal. In these scenarios, an attorney can help you through the appeal process to ensure that your claim is airtight when it is resubmitted.

The more difficult scenario is when your employer or the workers’ compensation insurance company denied your claim based on a dispute over your injury. Many times, if you have a preexisting condition, they may claim that your injury is a result of your condition. Other common denials related to injuries involve disputing that the injury happened at the workplace or in the scope of employment (mean duties directly related to your job, not lunch breaks).

While appealing a denial of your workers’ compensation benefits can be an uphill battle—which is the last thing you need while you are injured—an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can do the proverbial heavy lifting for you. Attorney Chris Hudson has been handling workers’ compensation cases just like yours for years throughout Georgia and South Carolina, and can work with you to secure the care and benefits that you deserve. Contact him today by calling his office, or by filling out the online contact form on this page.

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