You have probably seen one on your commute or on the news—a car accident that involves more than two vehicles. If you have ever been involved in a two-car crash, you know how complicated and frustrating the post-accident details can be. After a multi-car collision, however, the stakes are raised along with the challenges, and you may need an attorney to help you sort out the details.

What an Attorney Can Do For You After a Multi-Vehicle Crash

One of the first details to attend to in any crash (after seeking medical treatment and reporting the accident to law enforcement, of course) is establishing fault and liability—in other words, figuring out who is to blame for the wreck. Not all crashes involving several cars can be attributed to just one person, as the actions of several may have led to the accident.

An attorney can go over any accident reports in detail, as well as work closely with an accident reconstruction professional to get to the bottom of what really happened. Your attorney will also be working diligently to ensure that the other insurance companies do not try to share the blame with you. When liability is proven, you will be able to seek compensation from that driver’s insurance company, or the insurance companies of all liable drivers.

What You Can Do After a Multi-Vehicle Crash

As you can imagine, sorting out the details of liability in a multi-car accident can be very time-consuming, but this does not mean that you need to wait to receive medical care or fix the damage to your car.

While your attorney is working on the case specifics, you may be able to file claims with the insurance companies of the drivers involved in the crash. Your claims will take a while to be resolved as liability will first need to be determined, so in order to move forward, you can file a claim with your own health and auto insurance to attend to your needs. When your case is complete, the responsible driver’s or drivers’ insurance will reimburse your insurers.

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