Can you change doctors?

Three Medical DoctorsUnder Georgia workers' compensation rules, workers who suffer a work-related injury are required to see a doctor on an approved panel of physicians for their general geographic area. However, the panel must meet specific requirements, or it may be declared invalid and the worker will be allowed to go to the doctor of his or her choosing. Generally, the doctors on the panel must be unassociated and within a 50-mile radius of the injured worker. In addition, one of the doctors must be an orthopedic specialist.


Changing Doctors While Receiving Georgia Workers' Comp Benefits

Once you are receiving treatment from a physician on the approved workers' compensation panel of doctors, you may decide to go to a different doctor also listed on the approved panel. At any time during the treatment period, your employer and/or insurance company may require you to see a doctor of their choice, who must also be on the approved panel.



While receiving benefits, your employer or workers' compensation insurance provider may hire a surveillance professional to watch your daily activities. If they determine that you are engaging in lifting or other activities that exceed your medical restrictions, they may go to your doctor with "proof" that your benefits should be rescinded and you can return to work. While under your doctor's care, be careful of your daily activities.