As you drive down the highway, you probably notice how most trucks stay towards the right or center lanes, allowing faster traffic to pass them by. While truckers face pressure to deliver their loads on time, most are also safety-conscious professionals who care about upholding their professional duty to drive safely.

Trucks are huge vehicles that take a long time to slow down or stop, and the heavier that they are, the more distance is required. As you know from driving on highways yourself, there is often very little warning, time, or space available to stop, even in a small car. Truck drivers who religiously follow speed limits have an even harder time slowing and stopping, so imagine the dangers that some truckers intentionally take on when they choose to speed.

Truck Accidents: Whatever the Cause, Speed May Be to Blame

After a truck accident, an accident investigation will occur to pinpoint the cause of the crash. Common factors in truck accidents involve:

  • Poor road conditions,
  • Low visibility,
  • Loss of control, or
  • Jackknifing

While most drivers know how challenging it can be to drive in heavy rainstorms and fog, many of the risks associated with these hazards can be solved by slowing down.

Truck drivers are required to adjust their speeds to conditions, and for a good reason. Because a truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, the risks of losing control of such a huge vehicle are extraordinary. While most truck drivers will slow down in an effort to keep moving safely, there is a handful of unsafe drivers who will continue to speed in an effort to deliver their loads early.

A Truck Driver’s Responsibility to You

Although truck drivers are responsible for delivering their loads on time, they have an even more important responsibility as commercial drivers to the vehicles sharing the same roads. Traveling at safe speeds—and even pulling off the road to wait out extreme conditions—should take priority over any promise of cash bonuses or incentives to deliver early.

Make no mistake about it—most truck drivers are responsible and take their jobs seriously. A few drivers, however, willingly risk it all—including your safety. If you have been injured by a truck driver who was speeding negligently, you deserve justice and compensation. To learn more, contact an experienced truck accident injury lawyer for a consultation today. Just click on the live chat feature to get started now.

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