First in the Class Award Honoring Teaching Excellence

There is no question that teachers are the bedrock of a successful and thriving community. While athletes and film stars are celebrated in the press and rewarded with giant salaries for what they do; “star” teachers work long hours, stock their classrooms using their own funds, and show personal attention to every pupil that enter their classes. These teachers do not go about their work to receive praise or be afforded a lavish lifestyle. Instead, they do it out of a love for children and a sense of commitment to the community.

“When I was in elementary school, my family moved from South Carolina to Georgia in the middle of the school yearThe two curriculums were vastly different and I struggled to adjust. I never will forget my favorite elementary teacher, Mrs. Mary Yeomans, who took a personal interest in getting me up to speed. She viewed my academic success as her reward.” –Chris Hudson

There are many, many teachers like Mrs.  Yeomans in Columbia Columbia County and the law offices of Chris Hudson & Associates is giving back them through the “First in the Class Award.” Each semester, students, parents and colleagues in Columbia county may nominate their favorite. A panel of 3 judges selected from the community will review each nomination. Winners of the award each semester will receive the following:

●Recognition in the Columbia County News Times

●A gift card for dinner at a local restaurant

●A check for $300.00 to provide classroom supplies

Please help Chris give back to Columbia County Teachers and nominate a teacher today.  There are two ways to submit a nomination for the First in Class Award.  First, you may fill send an email directly to chris at [email protected], providing the name of the teacher, the grade he/she teaches, the name of the school, and reason(s) that the nominee should be considered.  You may also submit nominations through Facebook at  A panel of three judges from the community will review the submissions and choose the winner.  Nominations for the current semester must be entered no later than March 1, 2015.

UPDATE:  The Fall Semester 2014 Recipient will be announced shortly . . . . .



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