For many workers in the Georgia and South Carolina area, their first workplace accident and injury can be a confusing time. Many employees rely solely on the word of their supervisor or employer when it comes to filing for workers’ compensation, and this blind trust can often lead to missteps and trouble down the road.

Though your employer may have your best interests at heart, many supervisors are also unfamiliar with the workers’ compensation process, which means that many key details may be left out in the early stages of your case. Whether there is a misunderstanding about when and how you are able to return to work or a missed filing deadline, your case relies on everything moving forward smoothly. To do this, you need to be firmly aware of your own rights as an injured employee, and be sure that these rights are honored by your employer and their workers’ compensation insurance carrier.

Be Your Own Champion in Your Georgia Workers’ Compensation Case

You may have grown up with a parent who was a fan of tough love, saying things like “Look out for yourself, because no one else will.” In terms of workers’ compensation and on-the-job injuries, that saying rings very true.

Most people think of workers’ compensation as providing money for your medical bills and a small income while you are away from work, but the scope of workers’ compensation is much greater. Employers are required to give you a list of several doctors to see for your treatment, and must respect the orders of that doctor when it comes to your eventual return to work. The three most important rights you have as an injured worker, however, include:

  • The right to receive medical benefits and lost income benefits through a workers’ compensation case.
  • The right to time away from your job to heal fully, without pressure or intimidation from your employer to return prior to your medical release.
  • The right to appeal a denial of or mistake in your awarded benefits.

Arm Yourself With Knowledge, and Protect Yourself After a Workplace Injury

Even if you have never been hurt on the job, knowing the basics about workers’ compensation can help your case greatly should you ever be involved in a workplace accident. Too many workers are in the dark when it comes to their rights after an injury, and many lose out on important benefits as a result.

Have You Been Injured At Work? 

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