Summer is nearly here, and with its arrival comes an influx of do-it-yourself rental trucks moving college kids out, summer residents in, and a whole lot of furniture from place to place. Chances are that you have even driven one of these beasts of the road once or twice in your life, and you know the stress that driving these vehicles can cause.

The next time you are driving along next to a rented moving truck and feeling fine, consider this: you probably get nervous driving next to an 18-wheeler on the highway. After all, tractor trailers are bigger, heavier, and probably going a lot faster than the boxy little moving trucks you see in your neighborhood regularly. It stands to reason that the moving truck seems a lot more familiar and less threatening than the tractor trailer…right?

Are Moving Trucks as Benign as They Seem?

While the tractor trailer may be a more visually-intimidating creature to share the road with, the driver of the 18-wheeler probably has amassed several thousand hours of time and experience in big rigs. In addition, he has been tasked with maintaining the rigorous standards of a commercial driving license. His cargo was loaded and checked by professionals, and his truck has been maintained impeccably. His every move is electronically logged, and his route is carefully planned based on weather and traffic conditions.

The man who rented the moving truck has never driven anything bigger than an SUV. He rides his corners tight and threw furniture in wherever it fit. He’s texting his girlfriend his ETA, and he’s fiddling with his GPS to figure out where he’s supposed to be going. He brakes like he would in his car, and he’s exhausted from loading boxes all morning. Sound familiar? This probably isn’t too far from the truth for most moving truck drivers.

While many moving truck rental companies take the maintenance of their vehicles very seriously, these trucks take a beating by inexperienced truck drivers regularly. Drivers need no special training to rent these trucks, and the result can often be dangerous accidents.

This Moving Season, Stay Vigilant Around Moving Trucks

As the boxy brigade of moving trucks converge on our towns, it is important to remain cautious when driving around these vehicles. If you are renting one yourself, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the vehicle, its condition, and its quirks on the road.

If you are hurt as the result of an accident with a moving truck and you feel as though another person’s negligence is to blame, reach out to my firm today to learn more about your rights after a truck accident. Schedule your free consultation by phone or by clicking on the live chat feature now.

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