Your work injury was painful enough. Discussing your workers’ compensation claim with the insurance adjuster shouldn’t make things worse.

When you speak with the insurance adjuster about your claim, it is important to remember his motive for talking to you. He is not discussing your claim to be sympathetic to your injuries. Instead, he is trying to gather information about you, your injuries, and your workplace accident to use against you.

Remember These 10 Things When Speaking With the Insurance Adjuster

Any statement you provide has a direct impact on your case. Keep these ten things in mind whenever the insurance adjuster reaches out to you to discuss your condition or treatment:

Know your rights.

You are the one who has been injured. You have rights. Knowing your rights when speaking with the insurance adjuster will help you keep the conversation on track and avoid falling for any of the common tricks used to pay you less in your settlement.

Know your benefits.

Know what’s available to you before you speak with the adjuster. This will keep the conversation on track and make you better equipped for handling the questions asked by the adjuster.

Take caution when giving a recorded statement.

Recorded statements will be used against you. With a recorded statement, one misstatement and you could destroy your case. Recorded statements are optional, and we advise against giving them.

Tell the truth.

Never lie or exaggerate your injuries. The insurance adjuster will find out and it will come back to hurt your claim.

Don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know.”

If there is something you’re not sure of, that’s okay. It’s better to say you don’t know than to try to invent an answer that might be untrue.

Don’t sign anything.

The adjuster might try to coerce you into signing an early settlement. That can be very costly. Never sign anything without having a workers’ compensation lawyer look it over first.

Be courteous.

Kindness goes a long way. The adjuster is only doing her job. Be courteous throughout your conversation to make the process as easy as possible on everyone.

Avoid using absolute statements.

Using words such as “all” or “never” can hurt your claim. Avoid using absolute statements whenever possible.

Answer only the questions you are asked.

Don’t volunteer information. If the insurance adjuster doesn’t ask, then don’t provide it.

Clarify any untrue facts.

As the insurance adjuster is talking to you, clarify any untrue or misinterpreted facts up front. The faster you clear the air with those, the better the outcome.

Have You Been Injured At Work? 

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Whenever you speak with an adjuster you’re in the hot seat. If you know you will discuss your workers’ compensation case with the insurance adjuster or your employer, it is important that you bring your lawyer with you to avoid falling victim to any games, tricks, or mistakes.


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