During the school year, your teen’s priorities are most likely schoolwork and social activities. Once summer begins, however, many teens turn their focus to getting a summer job in order to make some extra money.

For many, a summer job is a rite of passage—it means financial freedom, independence, and a new sense of purpose and responsibility. For many teens, the risk of becoming injured at work turns into a painful reality, and unless their parents are well-versed in workers’ compensation rights and regulations, they may miss out on important benefits.

Age Is Not a Limiting Factor When it Comes to Workers’ Compensation

If your child is working legally and receiving a paycheck that deducts taxes and Social Security, she is eligible for workers’ compensation if she is hurt while acting within the scope of her job. Many parents worry that part-time or seasonal work precludes their children from collecting workers’ compensation benefits, but if they are considered an “employee,” they do not need to be considered full time in order to collect benefits after a workplace injury.

While many people think of workers’ compensation and workplace injuries as an “adult” problem, teenaged workers often face increased risk of injury due to their age and inexperience. As a parent, you can help look out for your teen workers’ safety by speaking with your teens regularly to assess their stress, fatigue, and anxiety related to their work, in addition to keeping tabs on their work conditions. If something feels amiss, it probably is—and it’s worth looking into.

If Your Child Is Hurt At Work, Her Rights Are Important

Many teens are hurt on the job because of a simple mistake or inexperience, and workers’ compensation is meant to protect them even if they are to blame (with the exception of excessive horseplay or substance use) for their injuries.

If your child has been hurt at work and you want to know more about his or her right to compensation, contact Augusta workers’ compensation attorney Chris Hudson today to discuss your case in a free consultation. Call or click on the live chat link to be connected now.

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