Posted on Sep 20, 2014

A motorcyclist from Dallas, Georgia, was killed in Muskogee County after a 64-year-old woman driving a SUV attempted to change lanes and caused a collision between her vehicle and the motorcycle.  The driver, Peggy Hunt, was arrested on charges of vehicular homicide and failure to stop at a red light.  Witnesses say motor cycle and driver was dragged about 50 yards before being pinned under the SUV.

Fort Benning soldiers and other bikers and rushed to the scene, prepared to pull the motorcyclist from underneath the SUV, but the driver stopped breathing within minutes.  CPR was administered but the driver was later pronounced dead.

A witness familiar with the situation stated, "If the rider was anything like the friends and family he had, you know, the world's going to be a much, much darker place without him."

The driver of the SUV received a bond in the amount of $2,500 for vehicular homicide and $150 for the red light violation.

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