Following a car accident, the insurance company will contact you. It may seem that the claims adjuster is on your side and will voluntarily pay all of your damages. Don't be misled! Insurance companies are for-profit entities and will stop at nothing to discredit and devalue your car accident claim.

Winning Car Wreck Cases Is No Accident! Put An Experienced Car Accident Lawyer On Your Side

The insurance company is not on your side.  As a former insurance defense attorney, I know the tricks and tactics used by claims adjusters to save the insurance company money when it comes to your car accident claim. Hiring me is like having the other team's playbook!

Augusta Workers' Compensation Attorney Chris Hudson

"I was born right here in Augusta and I think it's wrong when insurance adjusters try to downplay injuries to local car wreck vicitms. If you've been hurt in a car accident call me. I wrote the book on Car Accident Claims and I'm not afraid to bring it to the insurance companies!"

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With an experienced car wreck lawyer in your corner, you will get the support you need. Your health is what’s most important in your car accident case. Unfortunately, the insurance adjuster doesn’t see it that way. Let me fight for you so you can focus on your recovery.

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