Stands Up to The Insurance Companies to Protect Your Rights

Stands Up to The Insurance Companies to Protect Your Rights

Savannah Burn Injury Lawyers

Burn injuries are painful and can be crippling both physically and financially. Statistics from the American Burn Association, show that between 2011 and 2015 ER’s in the U.S. saw approximately 486,000 fire and burn injuries. In an instant, a serious burn injury can change your life leaving behind physical and mental scars that can take years to heal. What may also take years to heal? Your financial situation after the extensive medical bills starts to roll in.

You didn’t ask for this situation to happen, someone else’s negligent actions caused your accident and now you are forced to face the repercussions. These repercussions may significantly impact how you live the rest of your life. Not only must there be accountability, but you deserve compensation for your injuries.

The experienced Savannah personal injury attorneys at Chris Hudson Law Group know how to fight to protect your rights following a burn injury accident. We are sensitive to the pain and suffering you are going through and want to help you find legal solutions to your situation that will provide you with the compensation you deserve. If you or a loved one are suffering from a serious burn injury related to an accident, contact the team at Chris Hudson Law Group for a no-obligation legal consultation. Call 706-863-6600 to schedule your appointment today.

Types of Burn Injury Cases We Handle

Burn injuries can happen at any time, and they aren’t always caused by fire. There are several different scenarios where a burn injury may occur and you are within your legal rights to pursue a compensation claim. Some of the more common types of burn injury cases we handle at Chris Hudson Law Group include:

  • Home fires – It is an unfortunate statistic, the American Burn Association estimates that in 2016 there were 2,800 deaths from residential structure fires. If a structure fire is the result of a property owner or landlord neglecting to properly maintain the property, ignoring maintenance issues, or failing to address safety concerns that have been brought to their attention, you may be able to recover damages following a burn injury.
  • Car accident fires – Serious car accidents can sometimes result in burn injuries. A punctured or leaking gas tank can explode causing significant damage. Large trucks carrying dangerous loads pose a significant risk to motorists and can be responsible for causing traumatic burn injuries.
  • Chemical accidents – Chemical burns may be more prevalent than you think. Improperly stored chemicals may be found in homes, the workplace, even in schools. Pools with improperly stored chlorine and pool chemicals are also a risk factor. An overturned chemical truck on a local roadway is another example of an incident that may lead to chemical burns and the need to pursue compensation.
  • Workplace hazards – An unsafe work environment can lead to a variety of different burns depending on the type of industry. Thermal and chemical burns are some of the more common burn types that can happen in the workplace caused by anything from improperly secured chemicals, sparks from heavy machinery, or electrical failures.
  • Defective products – Batteries overheating, faulty wiring in an appliance, exploding electronics, defective products can cause consumers serious injuries. These products have no place being on store shelves or sold online and you may be able to recover damages in the event you are injured.

These may not be the only scenarios where a burn injury may require legal options. If you’ve been burned in a serious accident consult with the legal team at Chris Hudson Law Group. We can review the circumstances of your accident and discuss your legal options for obtaining compensation for your injuries.

Types of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are some of the most traumatic and dest injuries that a person can suffer from. Burns can cause an enormous amount of pain, tissue damage, and can severely scar the body as well as the mind. Depending on the type, area of the body, and degree of the burn, rehabilitation can take months and even years. While we typically think of a burn as being caused by fire, that is only one of the many ways in which a person may receive a burn injury. These are some of the more common types of burn injuries:

  • Thermal Burn – A thermal burn is one of the more common types of burns. It is an injury that results from a body part coming into contact with something extremely hot. Any number of super-heated items may cause a thermal burn such as an open flame, hot metal, hot liquid, and even steam. A thermal burn causes damage by raising the temperature of the skin or surrounding tissue to the point where cells begin to die.
  • Electrical Burn – Electrical burns are severe injuries that can result from encountering an electrical current from a downed powerline, frayed wire, or an electrical outlet. Electrical burns may char the skin leading to a blackened appearance.
  • Chemical Burn – A chemical burn happens when the skin is exposed to an extremely strong acid or an extremely strong base. Examples can include bleach, drain cleaners, metal cleaning solvents, pool chemicals, and other dangerous chemical agents. Symptoms of a chemical burn may include skin redness and irritation, pain, numbness, blisters, or blackened skin, and even shortness of breath.
  • Radiation Burn – The most common radiation burn is actually a sunburn. However, there are other sources of radiation burns including X-rays, radiation therapy, or working with or near radioactive materials.

Burn injuries can happen anywhere, work home, even at school, and can often be the result of some type of negligence on the part of an employer or property owner. That’s why it is important to contact a lawyer with experience handling burn cases. The team at Chris Hudson Law Group can review the circumstances of your case and give you the legal advice you need to determine what your next steps should be.

Degree and Severity of Burn Injuries

The type and cost of medical treatment you will need following a burn accident can vary significantly depending on the severity of the burn and what area of the body the burn covers. Burn injuries are notoriously painful and can take several months, sometimes years for the body to heal. The severity of a burn injury is placed into one of the following three categories:

  • First Degree Burns – A first-degree burn has only penetrated the top or the outermost layer of skin. Most people will suffer from at least one first-degree burn in their lifetime, the most common being a sunburn. Signs of a first-degree burn include red and painful skin, sometimes accompanied by minor swelling.
  • Second Degree Burns – Second-degree burns impact both the outer layer of skin and the second layer of skin, known as the dermis. The damage done by second-degree burns can significant and cause red skin, intense pain since the burn can hit raw nerves, and blisters. It may be possible for second-degree burns to cause some skin loss.
  • Third Degree Burns – Third-degree burns extremely severe injuries. In the third-degree burn, the burn itself will penetrate all layers of the skin and can also damage and destroy the underlying muscle and nerve tissue. Third-degree burns will look severe but may be painless due to the fact that the burn has destroyed the nerves. Pain associated with the burn is typically from the surrounding second- or first-degree burns that accompany a third-degree burn. A third-degree burn may make the surrounding skin appear dry, leathery, charred. The skin may also be discolored and have patches of white, brown, or black.

Burn injuries may require surgery, skin grafts, and lengthy hospital stays. However, medical costs don’t stop once you leave the hospital. Victims typically must be seen for numerous follow-up up visits, dressing changes, physical therapy appointments, and in some cases be required to wear custom made and expensive burn garments to reduce the severity of scar tissue formation.

Unfortunately, burn victims don’t just have to worry about the burn injury itself, but also the numerous medical complications that can accompany a burn injury. Burns can be extremely susceptible to infection. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, up to 10,000 burn victims die every year as a result of burn-related infections.

Paying for all of the costs associated with a burn injury can easily devastate you financially, now and for years into the future. If you are unable to return to work or make the money you once were because of your injuries, you may never be able to recover financially. Should someone’s negligence cost you not only your health but also put you in financial jeopardy? At Chris Hudson Law Group we don’t think so. We think you are entitled to your rightful compensation following an accident that caused a burn injury. That’s why we take the time to learn about you and the specifics of your case before working diligently to get you the damages you deserve.

How Chris Hudson Law Group Can Help if You’ve Experienced a Burn Injury

Suffering from a burn injury is a uniquely painful experience. If you’ve never suffered a significant burn injury before it is difficult to get people to understand the depth of what you are feeling. You are suffering excruciating physical pain, mental stress and anxiety thinking about the scars that may be left behind, and torment wondering how you’ll be able to pay all the bills stacking up. During this difficult time to helps to know you are not alone.

The experienced trial lawyers at Chris Hudson Law Group have handled cases like yours before and knows the range of emotions that you are experiencing right now. That is why we focus on offering you the compassionate service we know you need, while vigorously fighting to earn you the compensation we know you deserve.

Contact Chris Hudson Law Group today at 706-863-6600 for a no-cost initial consultation. You have legal rights, we’ll help protect them.


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