Insurance companies and their lawyers use numerous tactics to stall and discredit valid insurance claims.  Many clients want to know how they can fight the billion dollar insurance company and win.

You can fight and beat the billion dollar insurance company.   You are not at a disadvantage just because the insurance company has more money than you, so long as you have a lawyer who knows the tricks and tactics insurance companies use to discredit your claim.  At the end of the day, if the insurance company does not settle for a reasonable amount, this billion dollar company will have to answer to a jury of 12 of your peers.  In fact, a properly prepared plaintiff and attorney is no match for the billion dollar insurance industry.  

I have spent years battling insurance companies in Georgia and South Carolina Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation claims.  And the insurance companies know that I prepare my cases from the beginning as if I were ready to take my cases to trial.  This maximizes the chance that you will settle your claim without ever having to go to court.

To learn more about how to fight the insurance company in your case, call me today.

Christopher J. Hudson
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Local Augusta lawyer specializing in mass tort workers' comp, car accident and personal injury claims.

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