Making an injury claim is a serious and complicated task. It is well documented that settlements and verdicts are much higher when represented by an experienced lawyer. An experienced lawyer knows the importance of collecting important information, knows how to communicate with the insurance company and understands the present and future implications of any future settlement discussions.


When you come to my law firm, we want to make sure your injury claim is well documented before engaging in discussions with the insurance company. We gather the accident report, photographs of the vehicles, photographs of injuries or scaring, medical bills, medical records, estimates of lost wages, and estimates of future medical expenses. When I take on a case, I start preparing the case for trial from day one. This lets the insurance company know that if they do not settle for a reasonable amount that we are ready to take the case to trial.


This maximizes the chance that we can settle your case for a reasonable amount without ever stepping into a courtroom. Call us at 706.863.6600 or contact us online at


Christopher J. Hudson
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Local Augusta lawyer specializing in mass tort workers' comp, car accident and personal injury claims.

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