Having practiced law since 2003, I have witnessed horrible situations where people who were severely injured had no recourse because the-at fault driver was either uninsured or underinsured.

Under Georgia law, drivers are required to carry only $25,000.00 in liability insurance coverage.  This means, that if you are injured by a negligent driver, there is a good chance that the at-fault party may only have $25,000.00 in coverage.  If you are seriously injured, $25,000.00 will not even cover your hospital bill.

You can protect yourself by purchasing uninsured motorist add on coverage.  UM add on coverage provides coverage to you in the event that your damages exceed the at fault party’s insurance coverage.  For example, if the at fault party only has $25,000.00 in coverage and you have $100,000.00 in add on coverage, you have $125,000 in total available coverage.

Please, you never know when an accident will occur.  Contact your insurance agent immediately and make sure you have UM “ADD ON” Coverage.

If you would like me to review your insurance policy and advise you on your specific coverage, contact me today and I’ll do that absolutely free.

Christopher J. Hudson
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