When that school bus rammed into you on US-278, your whole life came to a halt. Time seemed to stand still when your airbags deployed, the car spun around, and you crashed into that jersey barrier. Although you never lost consciousness, you feel as if the whole thing was a blur.

It took you a few minutes to realize what had happened, and by then, paramedics were ushering you into an ambulance to receive treatment. You were sent to Trinity Hospital, where you were diagnosed with a concussion and stayed overnight for observation.

Your Concussion Symptoms May Last For a Considerable Amount of Time

You were expecting your symptoms to go away when you came home, but you still don’t seem like yourself, and here’s why:

  • Length of recovery time varies from person to person. Because every brain is different, every brain injury is different, and so is the recovery time for concussions. Although some people may bounce back immediately, others can take days, weeks, and even months to feel like themselves.
  • Recovery factors. Typically, people who are older in age take longer to recover from concussions than those who are younger. Additionally, those who have experienced these types of head injuries in the past often suffer from the symptoms longer than those who never have.
  • Symptoms could be signs of something worse. Unfortunately, a more serious brain injury may develop from your concussion. For instance, a blood clot could form on the brain because of the head injury. Experiencing severe symptoms after the onset of your concussion could be a sign that the injury is getting worse.

Hold Someone Responsible for Your Pain and Suffering

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Last Updated : April 22, 2022