Worker’s Compensation Claims in Georgia

“What’s in Our Free eBook on Understanding Georgia Workers’ Compensation?”

  • Overview of Workers’ Compensation
  • What Benefits are Available under Workers’ Compensationv
  • Can My Employer Deny My Claim Due to a “Pre-existing condition”?
  • Potential Defenses for Employers and Insurers
  • Death Benefits
  • Why you Need an Attorney for your Case

Download Your Copy

Chris Hudson’s eBook, “Understanding Georgia Workers’ Compensation?”,” is available on the iTunes Bookstore or as a Flip Book. He wrote this book based upon over 18 years of experience assisting victims of work injuries. This FREE ebook is the only one of its kind in Georgia. It will guide you and educate you about your legal rights and what to expect following an on the job injury; it is a MUST READ.

Last Updated : January 3, 2023