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Were you hurt in a motorcycle accident someone else caused? The Chris Hudson Law Group motorcycle accident lawyers in Augusta, GA, want to stand up for you and fight for the fair compensation you’re owed. We can put our extensive experience to work on your behalf, whether a careless driver in a passenger vehicle hit you or a distracted commercial truck driver caused a catastrophic accident.

When a motorcycle collides with another vehicle, the rider almost always gets the worst of it. This is because, aside from a helmet and riding leathers, they have very little to protect them from the force of a collision. Furthermore, they are at a much higher risk of ejection from their vehicle.

Many severe injury crashes stem from negligence on the part of other drivers on the road. Motorcycles are smaller than other passenger vehicles. Other drivers frequently make mistakes when judging the speed or distance of motorcycles near them. Distracted driving, intoxicated driving, and other forms of negligence are also common causes of severe or fatal crashes.

Seeking compensation without the help of a lawyer can be difficult, especially when you need to focus on healing and recovery. Get the top-notch legal representation you deserve, and let us handle the legal legwork for you.

We work on a contingency-fee-basis, which means you’ll never pay us anything upfront. We only collect when we win money for you, so there’s no risk in hiring us to represent you. Take the first step toward getting the justice you deserve by scheduling a free case review and legal consultation with our firm. Call (706) 863-6600 today.

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    Do I Need A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

    The primary reason you will want an attorney is simply for assistance in dealing with an insurance company. Insurers will often contact victims soon after their crashes, usually before they have even had the chance to call a lawyer.

    Agents for insurance companies will act concerned and say they will take care of victims. However, these are always empty promises. Don’t be fooled. An insurer only looks to protect its bottom line and will do anything to reduce or outright deny your injury claim.

    One way an insurance company is bound to challenge your case is by arguing that you were at fault for your accident. Insurers often accuse motorcyclists of causing crashes, even when evidence suggests otherwise. They do so to sidestep liability and avoid having to pay the fair compensation they owe.

    The motorcycle accident lawyers of Chris Hudson Law Group can fight back against these tactics. We will conduct an exhaustive investigation to determine the cause and prove another driver’s fault. We will then identify every single liable party and work to hold them accountable.

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    Why Choose Chris Hudson Law Group To Handle My Case? 

    Christopher Hudson is a member of the Council of Municipal Judges and Council of Magistrate Judges and the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association. He has received an AV Preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell and is licensed in both South Carolina and Georgia.

    Amanda S. Morris has extensive trial experience as a former Assistant Public Defender for the Augusta Judicial Circuit from 2008 until 2017.

    Executive assistant Jennifer Thomas offers more than eight years of experience in the medical field and degrees in both Surgical and Emergency Medical Technology.

    Types of Motorcycle Accident Cases We Handle

    Motorcycle accidents frequently involve other motor vehicles. These crashes often stem from some driver negligence. Common types of crashes include, but are not limited to:

    • Lane Change Accidents
    • Rear-End Accidents
    • Left or Right Turn Accidents
    • Driver Fatigue
    • Distracted Driving Accidents
    • Drunk or Drugged Driving Accidents

    It is important to remember that some motorcycle accidents are single-vehicle crashes. While these accidents are often attributed to motorcyclist error, other parties can still be liable in some of these crashes.

    For example, a motorcycle with a mechanical defect caused by an improper repair could make a maintenance company liable. Additionally, a defective part could also make a part manufacturer responsible.

    Motorcycle accidents can potentially cause a very wide range of debilitating injuries. Some of the types of injuries Chris Hudson Law Group has assisted clients with include, but are not limited to:

    Georgia Code § 40-6-315 establishes that motorcyclists must wear protective headgear that complies with standards established by the commissioner of public safety. Helmets can certainly help reduce the chances of serious head injuries. However, riders could still suffer severe injuries to other body parts. Moreover, helmets cannot prevent accidents from happening, only lessen their effects.

    Georgia Motorcycle Accident FAQs

    Could I still file an injury claim if I wasn’t wearing a helmet?

    It could. The effect of the failure to wear a helmet will depend on the nature of your injuries. An insurer might argue that head, face, or brain injuries mean a motorcyclist caused their injuries by not wearing a helmet. When injuries harm other parts of a person’s body, the lack of a helmet defense is less likely to affect compensation.

    It is important to remember that Georgia is a modified comparative fault state. This means a person can file a lawsuit to recover damages if they are less than 50 percent at fault. When a person’s own negligence does contribute to their injuries, then their award can be reduced in proportion to their negligence. In other words, a motorcyclist awarded $100,000 for a motorcycle accident for which they were 20 percent at fault will have their award reduced by $20,000 and receive $80,000.

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    What kinds of compensation can I recover for a motorcycle accident?

    Most motorcycle accident cases end in negotiated settlements. Any settlement should cover a victim’s past, present, and future expenses. When a settlement is not possible, the injured motorcyclist can file a lawsuit and go to court. If a victim proves their case by a preponderance of the evidence, they can recover compensatory damages. This award generally includes a combination of economic damages and non-economic damages. Economic damages apply to tangible losses, while non-economic damages are for more subjective harm.

    Economic damages may include:

    Noneconomic damages cover:

    Certain cases could also possibly involve an award of punitive damages. These are also known as vindictive damages or exemplary damages). Georgia Code § 51-12-5.1 establishes that punitive damages are a form “of additional damages awarded because of aggravating circumstances to penalize, punish, or deter a defendant.” Punitive damage awards are fairly rare. That said, drunk driving cases can often be one of the forms of tortious conduct that often justifies such an award.

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    What happens if dangerous road conditions caused my accident?

    Motorcycles are certainly more susceptible to defects in roadways like potholes. It is possible that a single-vehicle crash was caused entirely by such a condition, and a governmental entity could be liable for damages. A victim must prove that a state or local agency was responsible for maintaining the roadway but failed to make necessary improvements. You must file any claim against governmental entities in Georgia within six months under the Georgia Tort Claims Act.

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    Motorcycle Accidents in Georgia

    Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Augusta Since motorcycles are smaller and less stable than other vehicles, any crash involving a motorcycle commonly leads to injuries. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), 5,579 motorcyclists died in crashes in 2020. That number represents an 11 percent increase from the year before. The rate of unlicensed fatally injured motorcycle drivers was 38 percent compared to only 20 percent of unlicensed passenger vehicle drivers sustaining fatal injuries.

    In comparing single-vehicle crashes to multiple-vehicle accidents, 2,239 motorcyclists died in single-vehicle accidents, while multiple-vehicle crashes caused 3,340 motorcyclist deaths.

    The age group with the highest number of motorcyclist fatalities in a year was 50 and older, with 1,992 deaths. The second highest number of deaths was 1,475 for motorcyclists 29 and younger. Males also accounted for 92 percent of motorcyclist fatalities, while females represented only 8 percent.

    Fatality Statistics

    The number of fatally injured motorcycle drivers by motorcycle type in 2020 was:

    • Cruiser/standard – 1,644
    • Touring – 1,058
    • Sport-touring – 47
    • Sport/unclad sport – 593
    • Supersport – 1,135
    • Off-road – 97
    • Other/unknown – 694

    August was the deadliest month for motorcyclists. 756 motorcyclists died in traffic accidents, representing 14 percent of all monthly fatalities. July was the second deadliest month, with 728 deaths, followed by September, with 685 fatalities.

    The number of motorcyclist deaths by the time of day in one year includes:

    • Midnight to 3 a.m. – 429
    • 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. – 194
    • 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. – 232
    • 9 a.m. to noon – 426
    • Noon to 3 p.m. – 896
    • 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. – 1,263
    • 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. – 1,223
    • 9 p.m. to midnight – 874

    Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Augusta

    Did you sustain severe injuries, or was your loved one killed in a motorcycle accident in Augusta or another part of Richmond County? To get full compensation, call us to speak with one of our experienced and dedicated motorcycle accident lawyers.

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