Millions on behalf of Clients

Chris began his practice in 2003 as a defense attorney for Insurance Companies and Self-insured Businesses. In 2004, Chris left defense work and decided to represent plaintiffs in personal injury claims. Since 2004, Chris has obtained millions of dollars in settlements and judgments on behalf of his clients.  As a former insurance defense attorney, Chris knows how insurance companies evaluate claims, as well as the tricks that are used to discredite claimants and reduce their recovery.

$ 1,250,000.00

The Firm recovered $1,250,000.00 for an 18-year-old female who was the passenger in a single-car accident on Washington Road, in Augusta, Georgia. Our client sustained multiple fractures in this accident which required surgery.

$ 1,250,000.00

Settlement against the City of Augusta, an uninsured consolidated government, representing the highest settlement ever reached against this entity. In addition to this settlement, the clients received approximately $1,250,000.00 in real estate from owner of the mobile home park.  This case involved the wrongful death of two individuals in a mobile home fire.

$ 850,000.00

Chris Hudson and his team secured a substantial settlement totaling $850,000.00 in benefits in Augusta for a teacher who sustained a back injury.

The teacher was injured in May 4, 2011, following an incident where she twisted her back while attempting to catch a milk carton. This worker underwent multiple back surgeries following this injury and initially handled the claim on her own “pro se.” However, after years of getting pushed around by the insurance company handling her claim, this injured worker retained Chris Hudson in November of 2017.

Chris Hudson And Associates Fight To Help Client Get The Compensation She Deserved Following Work Related Injury

Chris and his associate, Amanda Morris, immediately began taking actions to force the insurer to provide the benefits she deserved.

Ultimately, the Insurance Adjuster decided that she was not going to be able to push this employee around anymore with Hudson on the case, and decided to settle and close the file.  This is the largest settlement Chris is aware of involving a case where a claim has not been designated as catastrophic.

Confidential Settlement

Substantial Confidential Settlement against an Electrical Power Company.  This case involved the wrongful death of two individuals in a mobile home fire.

$ 600,000.00

On Tuesday, March 10, 2015, attorneys Christopher Hudson and David Dekle received a significant damage award for a client who was injured following a rear end collision.  This was a two day trial, and after two hours of deliberations, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the Plaintiff and awarded $600,000.00, which was reduced by 35% due to apportionment.

The facts of the case were as follows, on April 4, 2012, the Plaintiff was travelling on Columbia Road, in Augusta, Georgia, when he was rear-ended by the Defendant.  The damage to both vehicles was very minimal, mainly because the Plaintiff was travelling at approximately 35 miles per hour when his vehicle was struck.  However, he immediately reported neck pain and went to the emergency room that evening for treatment.  After a couple of months of conservative treatment for a neck strain, the Plaintiff was referred to Augusta Back for a neurosurgical consultation with Dr. Marc Guitton.  Upon examination and testing, the Plaintiff was diagnosed with a herniated disk at the C4/5 level and Dr. Guitton recommended surgery.  The Plaintiff then underwent a two level disk fusion with lateral fixation.

He Refused to Settle for Less than All Available Insurance Proceeds

This case was complex in that it involved four automobile insurance companies.  The at fault driver was not the vehicle’s owner.  Therefore, we were able to make a claim against both the at fault party’s insurance carrier and the owner’s insurance.  An addition, our client had underinsured motorist coverage, and his son (a resident relative) had a policy containing underinsured motorist coverage.  Therefore, we we had the following insurance companies involved:  State Farm Mutual Insurance, USAA Insurance Company, Progressive Insurance Company, and Travelers Insurance Company.  The first three companies offered their policy limits, which combined to be $200,000.00.  However, Travelers Insurance refused to tender their $100,000.00 in Underinsured Motorist Coverage, and we went to trial.

The Battle with Traveler’s Insurance Company At Trial and Their Dirty Tactics

Because the Plaintiff had already received $200,000.00, at trial, the only way we could recover additional money for the Plaintiff was to get a judgment against the Defendant in excess of $200,000.00.  During trial, the Plaintiff presented approximately $54,000.00 in medical expenses and a lost wage claim.  The attorney for Travelers pulled out ALL STOPS to keep the verdict down.  The defense claimed that the Plaintiff’s condition was due to a pre-existing condition (degenerative disk disease) and that Plaintiff had previously sought treatment for neck pain. However, our client was credible and had two physicians testify that his condition was a result of the accident. After we put on a very compelling case for the Plaintiff, the Defendant’s attorney suddendly changed tactics and claimed that the Plaintiff abruptly changed lanes and was responsible for the collision.  After two years of litigation, this was the FIRST allegation that our client was partially responbile for the accident.

After approximately two hours of deliberations, a Richmond County State Court jury returned a verdict in favor of the Plaintiff in the amount of $600,000.00.  However, the jury did apportion 35% fault to the plaintiff, which reduced the judgment to $390,000.00.  Nonetheless, this we were able to secure the insurance proceeds from Travelers in the amount $100,000.00.  In addition, we have filed a bad faith lawsuit against Traveler’s Insurance Company for the remaining balance of the judgment, plus penalties, attorney fees, and interest.

Confidential Settlement

Substantial Confidential Settlement against a major retailer who operated a hair salon after the client obtained serious chemical burns about her head during a hair treatment procedure.


$ 500,000.00

The Firm recovered $500,000.00 for the wife of a service member stationed in Augusta, Georgia, after she was involved in a T-Bone collision on Lewiston Road in Columbia County, Georgia. The client sustained a lower back and right hip injury, which was initially believed to be soft tissue in nature. However, her pain symptoms became chronic and although this was a non-surgical injury, she required significant pain management treatment, including the placement of a spinal cord stimulator.

$ 447,450.00

In May of 2012, James sustained a serious on the job accident that required two neck surgeries.  After attempting to represent himself for approximately three years, James became fed up and decided to contact a local attorney.  James initially was overwhelmed by the numerous TV and billboard lawyers advertising that they could get him a check in one call.

He Wanted A Local Attorney

James wanted a local attorney who he could personally sit down with for advice on his legal claim, not a TV actor, not a paralegal, or an investigator. James also wanted a lawyer with proven results. James took the time to go online and look up attorneys who advertised under workers compensation.  Our website showed up on the first page of Google, and he quickly noticed that we had numerous five star reviews. After reading what other clients have said about our firm, James made an appointment and Chris personally met with James.

Unfortunately, James had been involved in a serious on the job injury back in 2012, which required two neck surgeries.  He first underwent a diskectomy at Augusta Back Neuroscience.  Later, he ended up requiring a four level fusion, which was also performed successfully at Augusta Back Neuroscience.  After handling his claim on his own for thre years, and undergoing these extensive surgical procedures, James still did not have a good handle on the workers’ compensation system and how he was going ensure that he received the future benefits he deserved.

Chris sat down with James and his family during a free initial consultation.  Chris explained in easy terms the system of benefits under Georgia Workers’ Compensation.  Chris also explained how he had represnted numerous individuals with similar injuries and produced a great outcome for his clients.  Chris then gave James and his family a road map for his case, which outlined what the end goal was for James, and how Chris could help James acheive this goal.

The Hudson Firm Delivered–In a Big Way 

Chris quickly got moving on James’ case.  He first demanded that the insurance company pay any outstanding benefits that was owed to the claimant.  “The best way to get an insurer moving is to file a hearing request and threaten to haul the insurer before an administrative law judge.”  After holding their feet to the fire, the insurer began treating James fairly. Chris then requested a voluminous amount of medical records, physician reports, and began calculating estimates of what the insurer’s future exposure on the claim was.  After estimating what James would be entitled to in future benefits, Chris made a settlement demand.  Due to the large amount at stake for the parties, the parties decided to mediate the case.  After extensive negotiations, the insurer agreed to pay $447,450.00 in a lump-sum settlement.  This included future lost wages and an allocation for medical benefits.

Why Our Firm Stands Apart from the TV Lawyers

What most injured workers do not understand is although numerous attorneys advertise that they handle workers’ compensation claims, Chris only knows a handful of lawyers in the Augusta Area who regularly practice in this area.  Workers’ compensation law is a complex scheme of statutes and regulations. A seriously injured worker cannot afford to hire a lawyer who is doing on the job training with his or her claim. Chris has practiced in the area of workers’ compensation, regularly, for over 12 years.  He began his practice defending workers’ compensation claims. Chris knows the insurance defense playbook and tricks employed to devalue claims.  The result produced for James Proves it!

$ 425,000.00

The Firm recovered $425,000.00 for a client who was involved in an accident on US-278 in North Augusta, South Carolina. Our client was travelling east on US-278 when a distracted driver left his lane of travel and collided head-on with our client’s vehicle. As a result of the accident, our client sustained bi-lateral leg fractures which required surgery.

$ 312,000.00

Settlement of a trucking claim involving serious injuries involving a tractor-trailer case, despite arguments that the claimant’s injuries were “pre-existing” conditions.

$ 280,000.00

The Firm recovered $280,000.00 for a client in a workers’ compensation claim involving an inhalation injury. According to the client, she inhaled a chemical while on the job which caused her to be out of work for an extended period. This settlement was achieved despite the defense’s expert’s contention that the chemical she inhaled was not a chemical known to cause long-term injuries.

$ 250,000.00

Chris assisted this client obtain a substantial settlement after she sustained bi-lateral knee injuries while working on the job.  This settlement was obtained despite defense arguments that her injuries were pre-existing and only aggravated by the work accident.  In addition to this lump sum, Chris was able to obtain income and medical benefits for the client prior to entering into the settlement.

$ 250,000.00

JUDGMENT for a client in Richmond County State Court involving an individual who sustained soft-tissue injuries in a motor vehicle accident.

$ 250,000.00

Just because you have a pre-existing condition does not mean you cannot recover following a car accident.  Under Georgia and South Carolina Law, you are entitled to damages for the aggravation of a pre-existing condition. This is often called the “egg shell plaintiff” rule.  Under this rule, the defendant cannot hold it against the plaintiff for being frail or not having the body of an NFL player.

Following A Car Accident Be Upfront And Honest About Your Pre-Existing Conditions

For example, I recently obtained a substantial $250,000.00 settlement for a client who injured her neck and back following a car accident, despite the fact that this client had an extensive history of medical treatment including surgeries for pre-existing back and neck problems. However, it is very important that you are upfront and honest with your attorney about any such pre-existing conditions so that he or she can plan on how to present your case and prove the extent to which  the accident aggravated the condition(s).

Do Not Wait To Get Help Following A Car Accident, Get Results Now

In this particular case, the client injured her neck and back in a car accident in Augusta, Georgia, and immediately hired Christopher J. Hudson & Associates.  We were able to obtain favorable medical documentation to show the extent of the aggravation.  Many attorneys would have turned down this case due to the extent of prior problems this client had, but my firm fought hard and achieved a very favorable outcome for this client.

$ 250,000.00

Christopher was able to assist a client obtain a $250,000.00 settlement in connection with a hip implant hardware that was defective.  In this case, the defective hardware had to be removed and replaced.  Christopher assisted this client obtain a non-trial resolution in this case.

$ 250,000.00

Workers’ Compensation and Third party Settlements for a client who sustained soft tissue injuries in connection with her duties as a security officer.

$ 245,545.00

Chris obtained this settlement for a gentleman who sustained a back injury while lifting heavy objects.  The injury required back surgery.  The medical portion of this claim was settled in the form of an annuity to provide the claimant funds for lifetime medical treatment.

$ 230,000.00

Settlement of a wrongful death claim involving an electrical fire that claimed the life of an elderly gentleman in Augusta, Georgia.  The defendant, a landlord, rented a dwelling to the decedent that contained numerous electrical code violations. Unfortunately, the decedent passed away after a electrical fire. This settlement was obtained despite arguments from the defense that the decedent was intoxicated at the time of the fire and that the amount requested exceeded the ecomonic value of his life.

$ 230,000.00

The firm recovered $230,000.00 for a client who was traveling through Augusta to Florida when she was hit by a driver under the influence of alcohol. The client sustained a broken leg which required surgery. The initial offer from the insurance company was less than $100,000.00, but after filing suit and preparing for trial, the case settled on the eve of trial.

$ 214,300.00

Settlement of a Workers’ Compensation Claim involving a client who injured her neck while on the job as a cake decorator.

$ 195,000.00

Employee W.J. took great pride in his job at Augusta Industrial Services. The employee was a hard-working individual who performed industrial clean up work for Augusta Industrial Services. Like many hard-working employees, he assumed that if he were ever injured on the job, his employer and their insurer would handle the situation and treat him fairly. However, after receiving serious injuries on December 10, 2014, W.J. would soon learn that he needed an experienced workers’ comepnsation lawyer to receive the benefits he was entitled.

The Injuries Went Far Beyond Just the Physical

W.J. was operating a large industrial vacuum when he tripped and the vaccum locked onto his left arm. The suction was so powerful that it ripped nearly every muscle and tendon from his triceps down to his wrists. Even though it was obvious that W.J. was severely injured, his employer initially took him to an industrial clinic, who immediately told W.J. to go to the trauma unit at Doctor’s Hospital. Upon arrival, W.J. was admitted, where he stayed approximately 2 weeks, undergoing multiple arm surgeries to repair the muscles and tendons. W.J. also required skin grafts. Over the next six months, the employee underwent 12 additional surgeries to repair his arm. Eventually, W.J.’s arm did heal, although it left numerous scars, including psychological.

The employee hired our law firm to assist in his claim. Like many cases, the employer’s insurance carrier Old Republic had neglected to pay some of the bills relating to the injury. However, once Chris Hudson became involved, he demanded that all bills be paid. Chris also demanded that the insurance company approve treatment and counselling for PTSD.

“Just hiring Chris and having someone guide me through the workers’ compensation process helped me better deal with these symptoms. I knew Chris had my back.” -W.J.

Approximately one year after the accident, Chris negotiated a settlement of $195,000.00 for the employee. This settlement was in addition to over $100,000.00 of medical benefits that the employer/insurer paid as a result of this injury. Today, the employee reports that being out from under the workers’ compensation system feels like a weight has been lifted from him. He is now ready to further his education with this settlement and return to the workforce.

$ 175,000.00

Settlement of a car accident claim that caused serious injuries to a lady including a broken hip.

$ 170,000.00

The Firm recovered $170,000.00 for a client who was involved in a motor vehicle accident on Washington Road, in Thompson, Georgia, after the at-fault driver attempted to make an illegal U-Turn caused a T-bone collision. As a result of the accident, the client sustained a right orbital fracture.

$ 150,000.00

In 2013, James B. was involved in a flash fire explosion at Quad Graphics in Augusta, Georgia.  James’ injuries required skin graphs on both arms.  James hired an attorney friend, Willie, who is a very good lawyer, but did not have experience in handling workers’ compensation claims.  After suggesting that Christopher J. Hudson also assist on the case, James was thankful that Willie was upfront in that he needed someone who specialized in workers’ compensation law.  This move paid off big in the end!

James Needed a lawyer that Specialized in Workers Comp

After an injury, many people call their “go-to” lawyer.  However, workers’ compensation law is a highly specialized field, and it is not a good idea to use an attorney who does not regularly practice in this area of the law.  Many lawyers will attempt to bring themselves up to speed on a workers’ compensation law, but unfortunately, the law constantly changes and/or evolves.  If  an insurance adjuster or defense attorney suspect that an injured worker has an inexperienced attorney, they will low ball when it is time for settlement.  ​Lawyer Willie knew that his friend James needed a lawyer who would not let the insurance company push him around.

Chris quickly got moving on James’ case.  He first demanded that the insurance company provide counseling for the claimant because he was having flashbacks of the accident.  At first, the insurance company denied this treatment, but Chris filed a hearing request with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation and forced the insurer to do the right thing and provide the treatment.  Thankfully, James recovered physically and mentally from the accident and decided to settle his claim.  After extensive negotiations, Chris secured a $150,000.00 settlement for James.  

​Why Hire Christopher Hudson?

Chris began his practice defending workers’ compensation claims. Chris knows the insurance defense playbook and  all the games used by the defense industry to devaluate claims.  Chris regularly attends seminars and keeps up to date with the evolving workers’ compensation laws.  Additionally, Chris will not let the insurer push you around or lawball your settlement.  The result produced for James Proves it!

$ 125,000.00

Chris represented a lady against the Federal Government under the Federal Tort Claims Act after the claimant broke her leg while on a rock climbing wall. The individual who caused the accident failed to properly secure a harness to the claimant. Initially, the defendant denied liabiltiy but Chris was able to settle the claim against the Government without a trial.

$ 105,000.00

The Firm recovered $105,000.00 for a client who was involved in an accident with an Uber driver in Augusta, Georgia. According to the client, he was attempting to enter the Uber vehicle when the driver began pulling away before he could safely enter the vehicle. As a result of the accident, the client suffered an aggravation of a pre-existing back injury. The amount of the settlement, in this case, was substantial because the client’s physician had already recommended surgery for the pre-existing condition prior to the accident.

Confidential Settlement

November 6, 2006, was a typical day for Willie, a retired farmer whose passion was fishing on Lake Thurmond, also known as Clarks Hill Lake, which stretches through Lincolin County, Georgia, Columbia County, Georgia, and McCormick County South Carolina.  On this day, Willie woke up early and headed out to the lake in his pontoon boat, but just after he found his favorite fishing spot, the accident occured.  Willie was sitting stationary in his boat tying a fishing line when all of the sudden a speeding bass boat slammed into Willie’s boat in a t-bone type collision, causing Willie to fall into the water and suffer a broken leg.  Soon thereafter, Willie would learn that Allstate would add insult to injury by attempting to blame HIM for the accident!

Allstate’s Blame Game Did Not Work

Willie and his family hired the law firm of Chris Hudson & Associates, to investigate and prosecute a claim against the bass boat’s owner.  After learning that Allstate was attempting to blame Willie for an accident that was clearly not his fault, Christopher immediately filed a lawsuit against the defendant boater.  Chris did hours of research on boating regulations and conducted an independent investigation of the accident, even going out to the crash site to get a better idea of exactly what happened.  During discovery, it turnedout that the defendant had a “hot pedal” on his bass boat, and was known in the area for speeding to different fishing holes in an attempt to get the best spots early. After deposing the defendant boater, it became clear to Allstate that this was a case that they would never win in Court and decided to settle.

Chris and His Staff Put Willie Back on the Water Doing What He Loved

When it became clear that Allstate was fighting a losing battle, this insurance company offered their full policy limits of $100,000.00 to settle with Willie for the personal injuries, plus replacement of his boat.  Fortunately, Willie made a full recovery from the boating accident and was back on the water doing what he loved.  Soon after the settlement, Chris, a fisherman himself, was very happy to see Willie in a chance encounter out on the lake.  “Seeing Willie on the lake that day with pole in his hand and a big grin reenforced why I love doing what I do.  This was a great win for a great man!” — Chris H.

$ 100,000.00

Chris assisted a lady obtain a lump sum recovery of $100,000.00.  This was obtained in addition to over two years of weekly benefits that the claimant received prior to the settlement.  The claimant in this case suffered a lower back injury after falling from a ladder while painting for her employer.

$ 50,000.00

Hudson Threaten’s Suit, Allstate Paid Up

Chris recently assisted a client obtain a $50,000.00 settlement arising from a car accident causing his client to sustain several rib fractures.  In this case, there were three vehicles involved in the accident, and three separate claimants.  Because the at fault party only carried $50,000.00 in insurance per person, $100,000.00 per occurrence, we recognized immediately that there could be limited insurance proceeds for our client if we did not act quickly.

Following the accident, the client came to us and we immediately began processing his claim by requesting the medical records and bills.  Because we acted quickly, our claimant was the first to send a “time-limited settlement demand”, which placed pressure on the insurance company to go ahead and settle with our client, despite the two other claimants who were injured.

Chris was able to obtain the full $50,000.00 in insurance proceeds for this client, despite the fact that there were very little medical bills associated with the rib fractures, which healed and left the client with no disability.