If you work at Plant Vogtle or another nuclear power plant in Georgia, you probably know that you are well protected from the radiation at the plant. However, you may not recognize the serious risks of a workplace accident you face every day. One of the leading causes of injuries on the job are slip and fall accidents. While some of the injuries can be minor, many of the more serious injuries and fatalities occur in factories and heavy industries, like nuclear power plants. If you are hurt in a slip and fall accident at your nuclear power plant, you could be off work recovering for months or longer or suffer a permanent disability. However, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to pay for your medical treatments and wages you have lost.

What Are Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents at Plant Vogtle and Other Nuclear Power Plants?

Unlike many workplaces, there are two types of slip and fall accidents that happen at power plants. These include same-level falls and falls from heights, which can result in catastrophic injuries or deaths. Many people who work in office buildings, malls, retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses do not face the added dangers of working in high places. Common reasons slip and fall accidents occur at nuclear power plants include:

Wet or greasy floors.

Oils, water, and other substances used in the power plant can spill and cause surfaces to become slippery. If workers carry food and drink to their work stations, spills that are not promptly cleaned up can cause unsuspecting co-workers to slip and fall.

Uneven walking surfaces.

When there are uneven walking surfaces that are not marked, employees rushing to their next duty can injure themselves if they slip or trip and fall.

Cracked or torn flooring.

With the many workers at Plant Vogtle, which is even greater given all the expansion the plant is going through, flooring can become cracked, torn, or frayed, depending on the type of flooring, due to the high volume of use. Accidents happen when repair and replacement is not done on a regular basis.

Inadequate or no warning signs.

Whenever there is a slip and fall risk, whether it is a spill or a hole in the flooring, adequate warning signs should be placed near the hazard if it cannot be taken care of quickly. These dangers could be greater in the construction areas at the plant.

Parking lots.

The parking lot into the power plant can become treacherous when snow, ice, and standing water is not removed, and the cracks and potholes are not repaired.

Handrails and stairs.

When stairs or handrails are broken or loose, a slip and fall accident is the likely result, with even more serious injuries if the person falls down the stairs. The complete lack of handrails can cause a deadly fall from heights.


When debris, work materials, and tools are left strewn on the floor, they can pose a danger to the workers at that work site and nearby co-workers. People who work near or at the construction sites at the plant have to be especially vigilant for these hazards.

Poor lighting.

Poor lighting can make it impossible for workers trying to be careful to see the slip and fall dangers around them, such as spills and changes in floor elevation.

Exposed cables and wires.

Cables, wires, and extension cords are tripping hazards when not properly installed and used.

Holes in floor.

Any uncovered hole in a floor at a power plant is a serious fall risk for workers and should never be allowed to exist. However, the danger exists in normal plant operations but even more so when construction-related projects and improvements are being done.

Lack of fall protection.

When workers must work from heights in power plants, they must be provided with safety gear, like hard hats and harnesses, to prevent falls and to protect them if they do fall. In additional, guard rails and other safety features should be present in all work areas where employees must perform their duties from a height.

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Last Updated : November 13, 2019