Each day, the decisions we make and actions we take have an effect on our future. Sometimes, the future may only encompass our plans for the rest of the afternoon. Occasionally, it is further-reaching and may change the direction of our lives entirely. When it comes to car accidents, the latter holds true—the things you say and do (or fail to do) could affect your life for several years.

Your Post-Accident “Musts” to Secure Your Case

After the initial shock of being involved in an accident, your mind shifts into overdrive. What just happened? What will you do without your car for a few weeks? Is the other driver hurt? Your brain is racing with questions and uncertainties, which can cause many people to panic and either shut down or do too much.

There is a lot to do after a car accident, but at the scene of the crash, there are only five important things that you MUST do to protect yourself. These actions will not only protect you at the accident site, but they will also help ensure that you set yourself up for success in your upcoming insurance claim and injury case:

  1. Remain on the scene. Find a safe place to stop, and stay on the scene. Leaving the scene of an accident can create serious legal troubles for you later on.
  2. Call law enforcement officials to the scene, and request medical personnel if anyone is hurt. This will allow you the opportunity to report the accident and ensure that an official report is filed.
  3. Get the information you need, including vehicle information, driver information, witness information, and details about how the accident occurred. Doing this while the information is still fresh can help ensure that your account of the crash is consistent from the beginning.
  4. Snap some pictures with your phone or a camera of all vehicles involved, injuries sustained, and the scene of the crash. This can help you in your dealings with the insurance companies and your attorney.
  5. Speak carefully with the other driver, police officers, and insurance company. Never apologize, offer opinions, or admit guilt.

By taking these five simple steps after your crash, you can help strengthen your case and improve your odds of getting the justice and compensation you deserve. If you have been hurt in a crash, call Augusta car accident attorney Chris Hudson today to schedule your free consultation.

Last Updated : November 18, 2019