Mr. Chris Hudson represented me in an accident while in South Carolina over (I lived in Georgia at the time). Little did I know [my own fault] the hospital never recorded the payment for my injuries sent by Mr. Hudson’s firm on my behalf. The hospital has since filed bankruptcy, and a law firm is representing them. I now work in South Carolina and unbeknownst my state taxes have been offset for two straight years. I wasn’t aware of this until recently and when I contacted Mr. Hudson’s firm to question it Jenna (Chris’ Senior Paralegal) assisted me immediately. She treated the situation as if I were a current client and not someone from when she was not even at the firm. She copied me on all of the correspondence with the hospitals representing firm. The situation has since been addressed by the law firm and payment has been made to me for the offset taxes.

Complete professionalism from all parties involved at the Christopher Hudson Law Firm.

Last Updated : May 11, 2023