Samsung has made a killing in the technology sector, first when cellular phones became the rage, and later as their flat-screen televisions, lightning-fast smartphones, and tablets hit the market. Now, however, the tech company believes they have the answer to preventing deadly truck accidents.

The safety truck (or “see-through truck” as the media has christened it) is a normal-looking truck at first glance, but for the drivers stuck behind it, it is an entirely different beast. This truck has a camera mounted to the front, which projects the truck driver’s view of the road onto the back of the truck on several large screens, providing the illusion of transparency. The idea is to provide drivers who are behind these trucks—especially on two-lane roads—a picture of whether it is safe or not to pass the truck.

An interesting idea? Absolutely. Will it make the roads safer and prevent accidents? No one seems to agree.

Innovative Solutions May Not Provide the Most Realistic Accident Prevention

Samsung developed the safety truck in Argentina, a country plagued with accidents on two-lane roads. While the idea is certainly novel and provides drivers with useful situational awareness, many doubt that the technology will serve as anything more than a distraction, or even a challenge to daredevil drivers who feel as though they can pass the truck despite an oncoming car.

One of the first things many veteran truck drivers will say is that a majority of accidents involving tractor trailers are caused (at least in part) by drivers of cars driving recklessly around the larger vehicles. What’s the best way to stay safe around trucks? By becoming a better driver yourself, which means improving your own situational awareness and recognizing the visibility and maneuvering challenges that truck drivers face.

What are your thoughts on the safety truck? Is this technology going to help drivers make good choices, or just be one more screen to distract drivers on the road? Sound off in the comments below, or share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page!

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