In the last decade alone, cars have become exponentially safer. From “smart” airbags that sense the intensity of a crash to advanced braking systems that can apply brakes before an imminent crash, it seems as though humans are about ready to hand over the wheel to their cars. While the self-driving car is likely still several years away, after learning what is behind many of the accidents on the road today, you may feel more inclined to let your car drive when the technology allows.

What’s Behind a Crash: The “Oops” Factor

Many of us have had a scare when we encountered an unexpected road condition while driving. Whether it is a pothole or the weather, once we are through the worst of it, we often wonder how we emerged unscathed.

There are many factors outside of our control when we drive, and sometimes, these factors get the best of us. Even the most skilled drivers have a challenging time with some of these conditions, but oftentimes being a defensive driver and responsible car owner can eliminate most dangers that emerge from:

  • Poor road conditions
  • Poor vehicle condition
  • Poor weather conditions

Accidents that result from these conditions are generally avoidable, but do require a degree of awareness or skill in order to navigate through it successfully.

The Other Threat Is Closer Than You Think

It probably comes as no shock that our greatest threat anywhere—even behind the wheel of our car—is ourselves. A huge majority of accidents are caused by human factors—from stupid mistakes to multitasking, we are dangerous beings. Some of the most common causes of accidents attributed to human factors are:

  • Alcohol, drug, and prescription drug use
  • Driving at excessive speeds
  • Fatigue
  • Distractions, including cellphones and radios

If you have been hurt by another driver, odds are good that it was not just your own bad luck. Even the external factors can be positively controlled by responsible drivers. If you have been hurt, you deserve compensation. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your case further, simply call our law office today, or fill out our short online contact form today.


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