It seems as though every few years, there is a push to increase the size and weight allowance of tractor trailers. Advocates for these bills say that it could help trucking companies move more freight with fewer trucks, increasing productivity and efficiency for the trucking companies and helping our economy continue to grow.

Usually, these bills are put to rest without much argument, but as time wears on, the odds of it happening one day seem more and more likely. Currently, there is a push to greatly increase truck size and weight in Idaho and Kansas, which only opens the door for other states to follow suit. Ask truck accident attorneys and other safety advocates what they think of these efforts to increase truck weights, and you’ll get the same answer—“No way!”

Commercial Trucks Should NOT Be Able to Carry Larger, Heavier Loads

Trucks on the road today can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, and these rigs are extraordinarily difficult to control. Add on tens of thousands of more pounds, and their performance and controllability issue become serious concerns.

When trucks are heavily weighted, not only do braking and handling abilities deteriorate, but the truck itself is placed under a lot more stress. The brakes must work harder, the tires are stressed, and the entire rig is more susceptible to dangerous accidents like jack-knifing and rollovers. Besides added stress to the truck, critical infrastructure like roads and bridges are exposed to more stress, as well. This puts other drivers in danger, and taxpayers must in turn foot the bill to improve and repair these structures to better handle heavier rigs.

Heavier trucks cause more damage in accidents as well. When these already huge trucks get even bigger, their capability to cause a serious accident only increases, putting motorists everywhere at risk.

Speak Out, and Say NO to Bigger Trucks

The current movement to allow for larger trucks is currently in proposal status, which means that your voice matters. Speak out against bigger trucks; keep your roadways safe by contacting your local representatives and spreading the word on social media today!

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