Looking back to the time following your car accident, you remember what a headache it was to get a fair recovery. You remember going back and forth with the insurance company and providing lots of documentation to prove the cost of your damages.

But That Was Nothing Compared to This Truck Crash

Typically, truck accidents are more complicated than car accidents and involve additional hurdles to a fair recovery. Some of the issues that you may face in a truck accident claim that you did not face after a car crash include:

  • Different defendants. There are numerous parties that may be responsible for a truck accident including, but not limited to: the trucker driver, the trucking company, the truck manufacturer, and anyone who performed maintenance on the truck.
  • Different evidence. Evidence from the scene of the crash will be important—as it is for car accidents. However, truck accidents often require additional evidence such as inspection reports, truck weight tickets, hours of service log books, and trucking company policies and procedures.
  • More vigorous defenses. You can expect that the defendants, or the insurance companies, are going to aggressively defend themselves and try to limit the damages they pay you because your claim could be bad for business and impact their bottom line.

Accordingly, you are going to have to take action to protect your fair recovery. Such action may include hiring a truck accident litigation attorney to help you get the recovery you deserve. If you would like to schedule a free case analysis, please start a live chat with us now.

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