The commercial transportation industry—from land to air to sea—is heavily regulated. When it comes to transporting hazardous goods and materials, the regulations become even stricter. This is simply due to the added risk of carrying dangerous cargo, both to the operator and those who will come in contact with the carrier.

When cargo ships or aircraft carry hazardous material, the people who will be in the vicinity of the goods are most likely properly trained to handle and transport such materials. Trucks, however, share the road with many private motorists, which can expose these innocent people to risks if the proper precautions are not taken.

The Responsibility of Being a Hazmat Carrier

When you are driving next to a truck carrying hazardous material, it could be carrying one of several different hazardous substances:

  • Flammable or explosive material
  • Corrosive material
  • Radioactive material
  • Poisonous or infectious material

In order to transport hazardous material, federal and state regulations require that the driver must be properly endorsed and trained, the truck must past rigorous inspections and be properly marked, and those who handle the cargo during the loading and unloading phase must be carefully trained in proper procedures.

After an accident with a truck carrying hazardous material, you could face serious injury and medical complications, even if you did not suffer direct damage in the crash. Exposure to hazardous materials requires immediate medical attention, and you could face years of pain and suffering as a result.

While even the most careful and compliant truck drivers can be involved in accidents, many accidents involving hazardous material can be the result of negligence involving the strict standards for transporting such dangerous goods. If you have suffered damages, either property damage due to impact or medical complications due to exposure, you deserve compensation for your pain, loss, and suffering. Contact Augusta truck accident attorney Chris Hudson today by phone or by clicking on the live chat link to learn more.

Last Updated : April 22, 2022