I called mr Hudson’s office yesterday with a few questions the lady in the office was very professional and listened to what i had to say. Even though it was not long before they closed she told me she would pass the message to mr Hudson and he would be getting back to me. Never expected to hear back from him that day being it was so late. To my surprise he contacted me with a hour or less. That was great. I explained to him as to what answers i needed. He said he would have me a answer for me this morning (next day) early at that. He was able to answer what i needed and point me in the the direction i needed. I appreciate it a hold lot. He made my experience seem as if it was on the top of his list and nothing mattered. The best thing about it was it was not the exact thing he normally covers but he went up and out his way. Hopefully i dont need legal help in the future but it i do i will definitely be using mr Hudson again. Very fast response and very down to earth. Thank you mr Hudson.

Last Updated : May 10, 2023