IF YOU WANT TO WIN, HIRE CHRIS HUDSON IMMEDIATELY!!!! Trust the that’s what made me retain him. I had terminated a terrible attorney in the middle of my personal injury case. The former attorney was going to leave me with an unfavorable outcome due to all of his errors. My former attorney was bitter and sued me. Chris Hudson whom I hired to assist me with my personal injury claim as well as my daughter’s was so passionate and caring about me and my daughter as a client he offered to represent me against my former attorney. Due to my financial strain, Chris Hudson represented me at NO CHARGE!

My daughter and I sat in complete amazement as Chris Hudson effortlessly kicked his butt!!! It was so entertaining to watch a cocky former attorney who cared nothing about me, hang his head in shame during closing arguements and confess to the court he messed up and was no longer seeking the amount he asked for but if he could just get something,Lol. My 12 year old daughter told me as we walked out of the court room…oh mommy you won that! Mr. Hudson didn’t play! Christopher Hudson made the former attorney appear as he needed someone to represent him!!!

For the best legal experience and to save yourself time, money, errors and unnecessary stress…… Hire Christopher Hudson!!!!!!

Last Updated : May 10, 2023