Fracture from a Dog Bite

Augusta Attorneys for Fractures from Dog BitesMany people own dogs as pets and, while most dogs are friendly, all dogs are capable of unexpectedly biting people. While some dog bites do not cause significant injuries, others cause substantial harm, including broken bones. If you sustained a fracture from a dog bite, you might be able to recover compensation from the dog’s owner.

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Types of Fractures

Depending on the circumstances, a dog bite incident may result in one or more of the following types of bone fractures:

  • Open fractures – Fractures that involve bone fragments breaking through the skin or deep wounds that expose fractured bones under the skin
  • Transverse fractures – Fractures that occur in straight lines across the bone
  • Spiral fractures – Fractures caused by twisting injuries that result in spiral cracks around the bone, usually affecting longer bones like the femur or tibia
  • “Greenstick” fractures – Partial fractures that occur in children, whose bones are more flexible and may bend without breaking into separate pieces
  • Stress fractures – Also known as “hairline” fractures, these thin breaks can be difficult to detect, even with standard x-rays
  • Compression fractures – Fractures that occur when bones are crushed and collapse in on themselves, becoming flat and wide in appearance
  • Oblique fractures – Fractures that occur diagonally across the width of a bone, often due to sharp blows or falls
  • Impacted fractures – Fractures that occur when the ends of a broken bone are forced together and damaged even further
  • Segmental fractures – Fractures that occur when one bone is broken in two places, leaving behind an unconnected segment of bone between each break
  • Comminuted fractures – Fractures caused by high-impact trauma resulting in bones that are broken into three or more segments
  • Avulsion fractures – Fractures that involve bone fragments that are pulled away from the rest of the bones by tendons or ligaments

How Dog Bites Result in Fractures

There are two key ways a dog bite incident can result in bone fractures:

  • Fractures caused directly by bites – Although dog bite force can vary significantly depending on the animal’s size, genetics, and other factors, dogs generally have powerful jaws that can easily fracture and crush bones. Common locations on the body for dog bite attacks include the legs, face, hands, and neck. Children are especially likely to suffer fractures of the head, face, and neck because they tend to be closer to eye level with the dogs. Hand and arm fractures also commonly occur when victims attempt to fend off biting dogs.
  • Fractures that are incidental to bites – Sometimes, a dog bite does not directly result in fractured bones. Many victims of dog bites suffer fractures when they slip or trip and fall while attempting to flee from biting dogs. Dogs that are aggressive or used to rough play can also cause fractures when they push or pull victims to the ground or drag victims along hard surfaces.

Augusta Attorneys for Fractures from Dog Bites

Information from the National Library of Medicine suggests that dog bite fractures are most common in “central target areas.” These include the skull and the areas around the nose, cheekbones, and eyes.

Treating Fractures from a Dog Bite

The treatment for a fracture from a dog bite can vary significantly depending on the size, nature, and location of the fracture. First aid for bone fractures should typically include:

  • Calling 911 immediately if the victim requires emergency care
  • Immobilizing the victim in a safe area away from the dog
  • Raising the fractured area and applying cold packs for swelling
  • Applying pressure to stop bleeding from any open wounds
  • Covering any open wounds with dry, clean dressing
  • Never attempting to straighten or move fractured bones
  • Providing supports for broken limbs, such as pillows or slings
  • Keeping the victim from eating or drinking, in case they need surgery

Once the dog bite victim is stable, the following types of additional treatment measures may be necessary:

  • Prescription medications for pain relief
  • Splints to stabilize broken limbs
  • Braces to support broken bones
  • Plaster casts to immobilize body parts
  • Traction for especially serious fractures
  • Surgical insertion of metal rods or plates

Compensation for Dog Bite Fractures

Bone fractures are some of the most serious and potentially life-changing injuries that can occur due to dog bite incidents. Fortunately, you could be entitled to compensation for the following personal and financial losses you endure after a dog bite:

  • Medical costs and rehabilitation expenses you incur as a result of the fracture
  • Incidental costs, such as mileage expenses for travel to doctor’s appointments
  • Lost wages from missed time at work, whether you missed work yourself due to your injuries or missed work to help a loved one recover from theirs
  • Projected losses in your future earning potential, if your injuries are permanent
  • The subjective costs of your pain, suffering, and losses in quality of life

How a Dog Bite Injury Attorney Can Help You

A lawyer who specializes in dog bite cases can help you seek fair compensation for your injuries and hold liable parties accountable by:

  • Explaining your rights and possible sources of compensation
  • Determining the potential value of your dog bite fracture case
  • Conducting an independent investigation into the dog bite incident
  • Communicating with pet owners and other parties on your behalf
  • Obtaining medical records, incident reports, and other useful evidence
  • Interviewing eyewitnesses and experts for valuable testimony
  • Managing important case documents and deadlines on your behalf
  • Filing insurance claims to demand the compensation you are owed
  • Taking your case to court, if the insurance company refuses to pay
  • Representing you at trial and all the way through to appeal, if necessary

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Last Updated : October 25, 2022