For those of us who find it challenging just to parallel park, the thought of driving a giant tractor trailer is pretty intimidating. There are so many facets to control—a heavy load, a long trailer, and a giant truck just for starters.

Just as there are many components for a driver to control, there are also many parties that have a stake in the truck, and they often share a duty to keep the truck in safe condition. From drivers to owners to shippers, each party is bound by strict federal regulations that dictate how each must act in order to maintain safety and efficiency.

Which Parties Can Be Held Responsible in the Event of a Trucking Accident?

Say you have been involved in an accident with a truck—who is to blame for your wreck? Your first instinct may be the driver, but there are several other parties that may share the blame, including:

  • The trucking company, that is not only responsible for managing its drivers, but also for the trucks and trailers it owns. Ensuring that cargo is properly loaded, equipment is maintained, and safety regulations are followed to the letter are just a few of the responsibilities that a trucking company has to you.
  • The shipper may also hold liability if the accident was caused by cargo issues, including improper loading, securing, and documentation. Making sure that the driver is aware of the contents on board is an important safety standard, as is proper loading and lashing if the shipper is responsible for loading its own cargo.
  • The maintenance personnel who maintain, inspect, and repair the truck and trailer may be responsible for accidents caused by mechanical error.
  • Truck and parts manufacturers also have a responsibility to provide safe equipment and parts. Defective truck and trailer components that cause an accident could be blamed on faulty design or manufacturing.

As you can see, you may be up against a figurative army if you are trying to pursue compensation after a truck accident. Let our firm help you determine who is at fault in your truck accident. To schedule a free consultation, call us today at 888-795-6261 or fill out our short online contact form.


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