We have all heard the stories of men and women exhibiting extraordinary strength in the face of danger, whether it is lifting a car off of someone who has been hit or running in fear of their life. Much of this can be attributed to adrenaline, which is present in great amounts following a car accident.

You may have felt fine after your wreck, aside from a racing heart and a rock in the pit of your stomach. You may have even told your insurance company, the other driver, and the responding police officer that you were unhurt. A day or two later, your neck may have been a bit stiff and sore, but nothing that you would consider to be worth going to the doctor for.

Now, a week after your accident, you realize that you may have underestimated the severity of your neck injury—so is it too late to see a doctor? Of course not, but time is of the essence!

Usually, we advise anyone who has been hurt in an accident to seek immediate medical care, but your symptoms took a few days to manifest. While the other driver’s insurance may claim that you waited too long, most doctors are familiar with the effects of whiplash, and know that symptoms are not usually present immediately. As long as you are prompt in seeking help now, your odds of recovering damages are still good.

Remember—never sign anything or give recorded statements to the other driver’s insurance company until you have been seen by a doctor, or before speaking to an attorney. Your health is our first priority, and your compensation is a close second—contact our office today to discuss your case with me now!

Last Updated : April 22, 2022