If you have ever been involved in even a minor car accident, you know how the moments immediately following the crash feel. Your adrenaline and nerves kick in, and seemingly millions of thoughts race through your mind. You try to run the details of the crash over and over again in your mind, but everything seems like a blur.

No matter how you react, being calm and reasonable is usually the last option, and many of us miss it. Being in an accident is both scary and stressful, and people often act impulsively after a crash. Unfortunately, these common behaviors can often ruin your case.

Protect Your Claim in a Car Accident Case With These 5 Tips

While we all know what we should do following an accident, it is just as important to know what you should never do after a crash. Here are some common mistakes that people have made, many of which cost these people their case:

  • Never apologize at the scene of the crash. While we all want to be polite, apologies can often imply that you were at fault for the crash.
  • Never accuse the other driver or be difficult at the scene. On the flip side of apologizing, many people get very angry after an accident, directing aggression at the other driver and first responders. Remaining calm and levelheaded will help your case much more.
  • Never refuse medical treatment. After your accident, if you think you may have been hurt, seek immediate medical attention. Waiting too long to seek help can wreck your chances of getting compensation for your injuries.
  • Never post details of your crash on social media. You could say the wrong thing, and the wrong person could use it against you.
  • Never fail to report your crash to your own insurance company. Just because the accident was not your fault does not mean that you do not have to report it to your insurance carrier.

If you have been involved in a wreck, seeking the help of an attorney right away can help you make sure that you are taking the correct steps toward a fair settlement. Contact car accident attorney Chris Hudson to discuss your case further—simply call or fill out the short online contact form today!

Last Updated : December 5, 2022