As you were driving home from the Augusta Riverwalk, you stopped at a red light. When it turned green, you looked both ways before proceeding through the intersection, and once you saw it was clear, you began to accelerate. As soon as you began moving, you noticed something coming towards you out of the corner of your eye. Your gut told you to push harder on the pedal to get out of the way, but already it was too late.

You don’t remember much about the collision except that it was loud and happened so quickly. You woke up at Georgia Regents University Trauma Center with concerned family members standing around you. The doctor said you hit your head hard in the accident, and that you may have a head injury.

Do You Have a Concussion? Symptoms and Warning Signs:

The doctor expressed concern that you may have a concussion, especially since you blacked out. Other symptoms of this common but potentially serious condition include:

  • Physical problems. Head injuries can create symptoms in a variety of different areas of the body. You may feel nauseous, lethargic, or dizzy if you have a concussion. Additionally, you may also have sensitivity to noise or light, balance problems, or trouble seeing.
  • Emotional issues. Those who suffer concussions may not act like themselves. For instance, they may have mood swings, get angered or saddened easily, or seem nervous or anxious.
  • Cognitive difficulties. If you have a head injury, it may seem like common sense that you have problems thinking or remembering. Additionally, you may become confused easily or feel slowed down.

You Are Entitled to Help, Representation, and Possibly Compensation

If you have a concussion, you will likely have costly medical bills and time lost from work. If you think you shouldn’t be held responsible for these fees, you’re right.

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Last Updated : November 18, 2019