Augusta Georgia’s Deadliest Roads and Intersections

Posted on Monday, October 14th, 2019 at 6:14 pm    

Use Extreme Caution when Traveling through these Augusta Roads and Intersections

The public should be aware where the most wrecks and fatalities occur in Augusta, Georgia. According to a study of over 40,000 wrecks by the Augusta Chronicle, the following intersections were identified as the most dangerous:

  • Interstate 20 and Washington Road (Georgia Highway 28): 372 wrecks; 73 injuries; 1 fatality
  • Washington Road (Georgia Highway 104) and Columbia Road (Georgia Highway 232): 350 wrecks; 101 injuries; 0 fatalities
  • Interstate 520 and Wrightsboro Road: 339 wrecks; 79 injuries; 2 fatalities
  • Interstate 20 and South Belair Road (Georgia Highway 383): 324 wrecks; 105 injuries; 0 fatalities
  • Interstate 520 and Deans Bridge Road (Georgia Highway 4): 313 wrecks; 106 injuries; 2 fatalities

These statistics come from a sample taken from 2011 to 2013 alone—TWO YEARS. While local and state authorities have been working to improve intersections and traffic flow issues, the process can be slow, and with the recent recession, projects were undoubtedly delayed.

Drive Defensively to Help Avoid Accidents

When traveling these roads and intersections, please use extreme caution. Drive defensively! Do not assume that just because you have a “green light” that it is safe to proceed through the intersection. When approaching a green light, always check your peripheral vision for any vehicles that may be disregarding the signal. Numerous wrecks can be avoided if you pay attention before entering an intersection in this regard. Finally, please take the pledge not to text and drive. You cannot be alert and on the defensive as a driver if you are concentrated on your mobile device.

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