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Seeing a doctor after a car accident is essential. It accomplishes two things – it helps you get treatment for injuries and establishes valuable evidence in an injury claim.

You might wonder what you should say to your doctor during your initial visit. The best option is to honestly discuss your injuries, symptoms, and other relevant information.

Provide a complete medical history so your physician can determine preexisting conditions. Explain how you got hurt in the collision and describe your symptoms. You should also maintain communication during your recovery. Inform your doctor of chronic pain, limited mobility, or other issues you notice. You might require ongoing treatment to address a permanent injury or disability. 

Should I Go to the Doctor After a Car Accident?

Yes. You should see a doctor after a wreck, even if you don’t feel like the crash injured you. Some injuries don’t show noticeable symptoms until days or weeks later.

For example, you might see bruising on your abdomen but assume it’ll subside. However, there could be internal bleeding you won’t discover unless a doctor performs imaging tests.

You might overlook common symptoms such as muscle pain or headaches. Seeing a doctor might not seem necessary if it’s a regular part of your daily life. However, those symptoms can indicate a severe medical issue. Without an official diagnosis, you can’t get the treatment you need.

What Kind of Doctor to See After a Car Accident 

Your initial medical treatment can be with numerous types of doctors, including:

  • Emergency room physician – You might want to go to the emergency room or let an ambulance transport you directly from the crash scene if you have a severe injury. An ER physician can promptly examine you to determine your type of injury, discover underlying problems, and recommend a treatment plan.
  • Primary care physician – If your injury is minor, see your primary care physician (PCP). However, you should not wait long before your first appointment. Immediate medical attention is necessary to start your recovery and prove the extent of your injury to the insurance carrier. If your PCP isn’t available, go to the ER or an urgent care facility where someone can see you immediately.
  • Specialist – A specialty provider such as an orthopedic surgeon or neurologist can diagnose specific medical conditions and create an adequate treatment plan. However, most specialists require a referral from a hospital or PCP.

You must follow your doctor’s instructions. If they recommend follow-up care, attend every appointment. Deviating from the treatment plan or skipping appointments won’t benefit your claim. It can lead to repercussions such as a denied claim or inadequate settlement offer.

How to Find a Doctor After a Car Accident

A simple internet search can help you find a doctor with the credentials and experience to treat your injury. However, time is of the essence. Going to the ER might be the best option to expedite the process so you can get referrals and start treating your injury right away.

What If You Didn’t Go to Doctor After Car Accident?

what to say to the doctor after car accident plain2contextIf you don’t go to the doctor after a car crash or treat your injury inconsistently, multiple problems can arise, including:

  • The insurance carrier might argue the severity of your injury if they notice on your medical records that you didn’t seek immediate treatment.
  • Proving a connection between the accident and your injury is more challenging the longer you wait for an initial doctor’s appointment. The insurer can look for evidence to prove your injury is due to a preexisting condition instead of the recent crash.
  • The insurance company might reduce the value of your claim because your medical records show inadequate medical care. When you don’t begin treatment promptly or attend doctor’s appointments inconsistently, it indicates an injury that doesn’t require significant compensation.
  • The insurer might claim your injury is not severe because you didn’t go to the hospital or doctor after leaving the accident scene. They can speak to medical experts and obtain statements to establish the severity of your injury is due to your lack of treatment instead of the collision.

Get Help with Your Car Accident Claim

The effects of a car accident can be challenging to prove in an injury claim. Don’t proceed without help from an experienced car accident lawyer from Chris Hudson Law Group. We can take over and handle every step of the process.

We will review your records to ensure your doctors address your injuries and create accurate documentation of what happened. We will also obtain the available evidence to submit to the insurance carrier and fight for the compensation you deserve.

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Last Updated : June 7, 2024