Five Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Posted on Wednesday, April 20th, 2022 at 7:24 pm    

The sense of freedom and excitement that comes along with riding a motorcycle is what draws so many people to choose it as their preferred form of transportation. But along with that sense of freedom comes a high level of risk. Because of the decreased amount of protection for the rider compared to a passenger car, accidents for motorcycle riders are far more likely to be harmful or even fatal. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that roughly 80 percent of motorcycle crashes result in injury or death.

Even with this knowledge in mind, many people who have ridden for years believe that their experience makes them immune to motorcycle collisions. Yet the problem is often not with motorcyclists themselves but rather with other drivers on the road. Even the most seasoned motorcycle rider is vulnerable to a tragic collision when a distracted, careless, or intoxicated driver is on the road.

The good news is that there are steps you can take to mitigate the danger of an accident when you are out on your motorcycle. Some of these steps are designed to keep you from making mistakes that will end up harming you, and others will make it less likely that other road users will injure you. While there is no surefire way of ensuring that you are always safe while riding, sticking to the following tips will make it more likely that you can complete your trip without any unfortunate incidents.

Make Sure Other Drivers Can See You

Motorcycles are smaller than passenger vehicles, and this makes them far less visible. If you do as much as you can to ensure that other road users are able to see you, you will increase your chances that other drivers will be able to avoid you. You can increase your visibility by:

  • Purchasing a reflective helmet and jacket
  • Wearing a hi-vis vest of reflective material
  • Keeping your headlight on while riding, even in the daytime
  • Staying out of other vehicles’ blind spots while riding
  • Avoiding splitting lanes
  • Avoiding riding when it is dark

Never Ride While Intoxicated

According to NHTSA statistics, as many as one-third of fatalities in motorcycle accidents happen when the rider has a blood alcohol content exceeding the legal limit. What’s more, one study has shown that motorcyclists are far more likely than drivers of passenger vehicles to be in an accident when under the influence. Riding while intoxicated is simply too dangerous to be worth it.

Avoid Speeding

The exhilarating feeling of zipping down the highway at high speeds is what makes a lot of people want to ride motorcycles, but it is important to keep your speed within the legal limit. When you are traveling at high speeds, you have far shorter response times, and it can be difficult to avoid dangers that suddenly appear. Additionally, the faster you are going, the greater the force of impact in a collision.

Try Not to Ride in Inclement Weather

Many passenger vehicles are equipped to handle travelling in high winds and heavy rain. Motorcycles are not. If there is heavy precipitation or ice on the roads, there is an increased possibility of tragic accidents for motorcyclists. If the weather is bad, stay off the road if possible. If you need to travel, go by passenger car.

Enroll in an Advanced Motorcycle Safety Course

While advanced safety courses might seem unnecessary for experienced riders, the lessons you stand to learn could save your life. These courses will improve your skills in such areas as:

  • Throttle control
  • Brake control
  • Turning at low speed
  • Techniques to improve vision
  • Evasive maneuvering
  • Lane selection
  • Road speed cornering

Additionally, you may qualify for a reduction on your motorcycle insurance premium after completing an advanced safety course.

Don’t Forget Your Helmet

Georgia law requires that all motorcycle users and passengers, regardless of age, wear a helmet while traveling. They may not prevent an accident from occurring but having a helmet on your head will drastically reduce your chances of serious brain injuries or death if you are involved in a collision. Though they are not legally required, protective gloves, boots, and jackets are a great idea as well.

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