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neck injury car crashNeck injuries are among the most serious types of injuries. Each year, there are more than 800,000 vehicle crashes in the United States that result in neck injuries, and the cumulative treatment costs are as high as $5.2 billion. Neck injuries account for 90 percent of all injuries in rear-end crashes.

It may take weeks or months to heal from a neck injury. You may be out of work for a long time. If another driver caused your neck injuries in a car accident, you may be able to obtain compensation for medical expenses, lost wages from being out of work, and damages for pain and suffering.

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Why You Need A Lawyer That Specializes In Car Accident Injuries

Neck injuries can seriously affect your life. The injuries may be obvious right after an accident, or they may not show up for months. When someone else caused the accident that resulted in your neck injuries, their insurance company will try to settle with you quickly and for the least amount possible.

People often underestimate the amount their claim is worth. Insurance companies and their attorneys will sometimes underestimate your claim’s worth and offer you less money than you’re entitled to. If you suffered from a neck injury in a car accident, your medical costs will depend on the severity of the injury. Medical costs can range from a few thousand dollars for a sprain or strain to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a spinal cord injury that requires surgery. You may also be out of work for weeks or even months while your neck injury heals. If someone else caused the car accident, you have the right to be compensated for the wages you lost while recovering from your injuries.

An experienced car accident attorney can help you determine what your claim is worth and help you fight for your right to fair compensation for your injuries. An attorney can hire experts to investigate the accident and determine who may be held liable for your injuries. Your attorney will also communicate with the insurance company and fill out the necessary paperwork for your claim. During this stressful time, an experienced car accident attorney can do the heavy lifting while you focus on your recovery.

How Chris Hudson Law Group Can Help You

The attorneys of Chris Hudson Law Group have more than 16 years of experience with car accident injuries. Our attorneys and staff will guide you through the process of dealing with insurance companies, and we will fight vigorously for your right to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Our attorneys will communicate with the insurance company and its attorneys to negotiate a settlement that places you back in the position you were in before your injuries. While you’re focusing on healing and putting your life back together, we’ll be doing the work to get your claim processed and pursue compensation from the insurance companies. Should settlement negotiations reach an impasse, we will be prepared to take your case to court to seek adequate recovery for your losses through the court.

What Is a Neck Injury?

A neck injury is defined as any trauma or injury involving the neck. Your neck contains muscles, vertebrae, spinal discs, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. Damage to any of these tissues can cause various symptoms, including shooting or throbbing pain, neck stiffness, headaches, tingling, weakness, swelling, neck bruising, decreased range of motion in the neck, mood changes, paralysis, and even death.

The most common neck injuries are neck strains or sprains. A sprain occurs when ligaments are torn, and a strain occurs when a muscle or tendon is torn. All neck injuries differ in type and severity, ranging from minor injuries that heal quickly to major injuries that can result in paralysis and even death.

Types of Neck Injuries Suffered in Car Accidents

The most common types of neck injuries in a car accident include:

  • Whiplash injury
  • Cervical fractures
  • Spinal cord injuries

Whiplash Injuries. Whiplash injuries usually happen in low-impact, rear-end vehicle crashes. In a rear-end crash, the cervical vertebrae bend severely backward (hyperextension) and then bend severely forward (hyperflexion). Whiplash injuries include injuries to the skin, muscle, blood vessels, ligaments, and intervertebral discs. These types of injuries cause strains in cervical soft tissues, causing headaches, dizziness, forgetfulness, and other symptoms.

Although some whiplash injuries heal within several weeks, around half of all whiplash injuries result in ongoing symptoms, known as whiplash-associated disorders, or WAD. WAD may include persistent neck and back pain, headaches, cognitive disturbances, and mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. WAD are classified in severity from WAD 1 to WAD 5.

Cervical Fractures. Cervical fractures are bone injuries. The most serious fractures involve dislocation, which can cause spinal instability. With severe dislocations, the bone is displaced forward and gets locked in that position, causing the ligaments to rupture.  Cervical dislocations can damage the spinal cord and require surgery.

Spinal Cord Injuries. Spinal cord injuries are disabling and sometimes fatal. These are the most serious types of neck injuries. Spinal cord injuries happen when extreme force damages the spinal nerves. Spinal cord injuries can result in temporary or permanent paralysis through the entire body from the neck down, bladder and bowel dysfunction, and other serious conditions. Persons with spinal cord injuries are at risk of cardiac and respiratory failure, which can lead to death. Unfortunately, traffic accidents are the second leading cause of spinal cord injuries.

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Last Updated : November 7, 2022